This looks shopped (25 photos)

a this looks shopped3 3 This looks shopped (25 photos)

  • Ampatent

    The Capybara is real… (World’s largest rodent)

  • Equalizer

    That yacht with the shark is cool.

  • Anonymous

    the raptor is awesome

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I would love to have shows that did the walking for me!

  • Digitsis

    The eye in the back of the throat is creepy! Like the dog shoes!

  • ranneys1

    they all seem pretty legit.

  • Moi

    I think some of these might be ‘shopped. Not sure though.

  • blueberryvoodoo

    the fifth and the second to last one aren’t shopped

  • CyBeX

    OMG you even took longcat and tacgnol?
    Man you fucking retards, dont you recall this starting the subeta war?

    Guess not you fucking newfags

  • april

    yup capybara is real. I believe thats actually caplin the capybara he’s one of the more well know capybara pets out there

  • robert ball

    Know how I can tell the Sarah Palin photo is shopped? Cause she’s NOT leaning out of a helicopter!

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