Worst fictional character costumes ever (35 photos)

a worst sci fi costumes ever 36 Worst fictional character costumes ever (35 photos)

  • Oh yeah

    Is that hello kitty with the pink hair? soooo sexy

  • Stan

    Comic book guy couldn’t have said it any better himself. ” Worst Costumes Ever”

    Super Costumes

  • peabody

    spandex + fat = BIG NO NO! Excuse me I need 2 got vomit now!!!!!!!!!

  • wil.i.am

    when i was 7 my mom dressed me with a homemade ninja turtle costume, i was traumatized… til now

  • Lai-Lai

    God bless the fat people & their wacky polyester.

  • Anonymous

    so, most of the guys in spandex have boners? im just… disturbed…

  • Kyuki Yoshida

    I didn’t think the cat one or the freeza one looked too bad. I honestly think they put the cat one up there because they have a problem with furry cosplays, and the little boy? Come on grow up, it’s a little boy and you’re posting pictures of him all over the internet making fun of him, it’s like a kid probably not even 8 yet. And did you see his face? Clearly he didnt look very happy to be in that costume, that’s a horrible thing to do to make fun of little kids. the raven one wasn’t bad either, and their are other bad cosplays out there that arent of over weight people and kids lol. Oh geez the big inuyasha guy was at the nakacon I went to just recently, I met him he was soooo freaking weird, and had a horrible personality, nay, no personality, he was so fake.

  • etienne

    lol En rage much? they are not all fat but still fat's are funniest because well theyre fat and obviously they dont care as much as you do. They can live with it and be happy but you cant fatty fatfat. I'm not saying that fat people are ugly, some of my friends are and I don't care as long as I'm not FAT. Best one is Robin he look so happy and is suit is way to tigh if you know what I mean. Oh and did I told you about overweigth peoples, they are funny. I love not to be FAT. Eh EN are you fat, give me some cause i need fat in my diet. sorry for making fun guys but this angry guy is funny because he is fat and pertubed but those guys dont give a fuck since they even let someone take a pic and let the world laugh at them cause its fun.

  • Confused

    That Kirby's a spy?

  • Doctah

    this just in….all boners everywhere died forever

  • Hoss

    The guy 4th from bottom looks just like Rob Blake…dressed as Chun Lee

  • erica

    The pink kitty was just fine. Might not be up to the standards of a lot of guys around here, but at least she's confident enough to go out like that.

    so pathetic to see guys bashing her. grow up. ugh.

  • Dank Afro Nugs Grape

    Remember that Robot Chicken sketch where the dad starts getting obsessed with Inuyasha and dresses like him? Looks exactly like that.

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