Emo girls who could be hot if they weren't so emo (20 photos)

a emo girls hot 9 Emo girls who could be hot if they weren't so emo (20 photos)

  • IfYouSeeKay

    you guys are strugglin’ most of these girls arent even emo

    • Sean

      EMO Chicks are smokin H0T!!!

  • googo

    Fuck emos. Literally.



  • Diamonds

    Emo girls ARE hot.

    With whiny voices, endless eyeliner, multicolored hair extensions, far-too-thin bodies and tendencies to cut up themselves or scream or rave about how “SHIT ONLY HAPPENS TO ME” whenever Hot Topic has sold out of a new shirt…who doesn’t love ’em?

  • Bang

    I posted this on craigslist! Leo, are you a reg on Philly Craigslist RnR?

  • Vor

    Let them be emo, they’re hawt.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Very hot girls. I especially like girl #2. She’s very cute and adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Girl and her pussy in picture #4….Totally hawt!

  • Equalizer

    Even their EMO they still have P*#SY.. And I like it…

  • xclusive02

    I like emo girls.

  • doodahdoodoo

    they talk about cutting themselves and why life is hard and other scenester kids they don't like and how much it sucks fucking dudes who fuck other dudes from time to time. the days of musical scenes having a philosophy i think went out the fucking window when the punk philosophy gave way to consumption of copious amounts of coke.

    • racheljean

      To all of you who think emo’s cut themselves you’re wrong im not emo but some of my closest friends are and they don’t try and kill themselves like your lead to believe .half the population of emos don’t cut themselves most emo boys are not gay, and they talk about everything you talk about we don’t talk about how fucked up their life is or how they hate being with dudes who fuck other dudes becuase its FALSE yes some do cut themselves and some emo guys are gay BUT THE GENERAL POPULATION IS NOT so stop throwing shit out there like you know what you’re talking about because its A LIE. before you run your mouth make sure you know what your talking about.

      • http://UNICORNS!;) AlyssaLovesYou:)

        Good point.

  • teringlijder

    a.k.a scenegirls

  • HelixFire

    They’re mostly scene queens TBH. Just sayin’

  • stupid

    They are “scene” emo is an antiquated term that is no longer used by anyone in the music community. They are also mostly underage. Which makes you a chi-mo.
    Keep up the great posts!

    • Ryan

      Shut up stupid

  • Bill

    Several are definitely not emo (12, 13, 17, ) and most that are dressed as emo are part of an emo girl porn site ( found the site through a redirect off a free daily gallery pic site) and really none are true emo as the only true emo’s are plain to ugly looking and complete fuctkards.

    • rwar

      emos can be hot my girlfriend is emo and she is SEXYYY



  • maumau

    is there like a philosophy or general idea to this emo trend? i mean, i see them and wonder what they talk about and i really don’t have a clue (possibly makeup or eye contacts)… anyone knows for sure?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Jealous of the looks, but dear god, I’m glad I don’t have thier juvenile whiny attitudes.

  • bigdaddy

    they would suffice!

  • Stranger

    looks like a bunch of prosti-tots, send them home to grow up…. “child molester bait.”

  • pimp d

    …i’d fuck these bitches…

  • Anonymous

    bon bay la ai sao dien dien vay vui wa he

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