Emo girls who could be hot if they weren't so emo (20 photos)

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a emo girls hot 9 Emo girls who could be hot if they weren't so emo (20 photos)

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  • Taylor

    These emo girls are cute but they are mostly scene girls. Most emos are ridiculous looking though but funny to laugh at, like on emotards.com.

  • ..

    dude thats not emo, thats scene.. google it ;)
    hot though!

  • The one

    Why cant girls take normal pictures, They are all from obscure angles to hide their flaws

  • Brandon

    What’s with the ugly, generic scene haircut they all have? That right there depreciates their hotness immediately.

  • Justin

    Man fircken pictures 4,5,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,16,and 17 are fricken HOT. Man i love Emo chicks. Man most of the girls i like are fricken emo. so WTF are you saying?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    What’s the name of #2 girl?

  • http://stevehodgeeee.com/ Steve

    These girls are cute

  • WABA

    Emo and Scene chicks are fucking hot!
    I love Love the fucking eyes!!

  • http://goggle jaysen

    Did i say that

  • desertsteel

    Emos can be hot but i have no use for tackle box faces

  • Anonymous

    Who cares

  • Anonymous

    All girls can me pretty my scene girls totally rock and #9 would be be gettng married if we met lol

  • Anonymous

    How is #12 at all emo or scene??? She just has dark hair

  • Lady Llanfair

    These chicks aren't emo, just saying.
    I'd know 'cause I'm emo. These are fools/wannabes/scenes… and scenes are not a type of emo, they're completely different (and usually hate each other)…

    • godson

      Quit hating bitch

  • http://VAmpirefreaks.com XxMr.puppyxx

    hey i think emo chicks are beautiful. They make the word pretty aight? I dated an emo chick and she waz amazing. Always made me laugh. Emo chicks are not bad.

  • godson

    Photo 13 the pictures in your computer are Fucking amazing

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