Emo girls who could be hot if they weren't so emo (20 photos)

a emo girls hot 9 Emo girls who could be hot if they weren't so emo (20 photos)

  • Milly

    People aren’t hot because of their stereotype, they’re hot because of their looks, which preference differs between. I think all of the girls on here are beautiful, and should stay ’emo’ if they want. It may enhance their look for all you know.
    & Stop with the labelling.
    I’m not some whiney kid, but it’s getting boring. The world are either emo, chav, scene or goth. It’s lame.

  • Milly

    Oh, and not all ’emo kids’ are whiney and self harming, self centered arseholes. Most are quite lovely, it’s the younger generation attempting to be part of the emo fashion, seeing as it’s now super cool to be a sheep and not a shepard.. Seeing as emo derives from emotive and is generally a style or music genre, I fail to see how people themselves, unless involved in making the music, can be called emo queens or scene queens.
    Don’t judge by looks or a general stereotype.

  • maria

    there girls arent emo,they re scene.

  • jen

    Why do they all have the same hair? Is that what being “emo” has become? Having poofy hair with long extensions? Hm.

  • Ampatent

    Eye-Liner and black hair do not an emo make.

  • Jaime

    like a few ppl popinted out, this is not emo, this is scene.
    emos do not have poofy hefilump hair. furthermore, u cant say these girls would be hott, as u cannot even imagine wut they really look like under all that makeup. these girls all used to be preppy socialites, until going dark was the “in” thing.

  • Syphon

    I would stick my man hood in each and everyone of these non emo ladies :p

  • emochica11

    u know what?! this is messed up u cant judge people on if there emothey can look petty in anyway they can! u really should take down this site cuz its like discrimating people who are emo. f*ck u u mother f*cker

  • top dog

    Well, you know what they say about girls with pierced tongues and lips, she’ll probably su………….., I woundn’t kick them out of bed for it, EMO or no EMO. They do look good.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, most of these girls are actually very attractive as they are.
    Now, there are a few that could do with a change.
    #10 doesn’t look good with piercings.
    #14 could do without the bridge piercing.
    #9 and #16 over-tease their hair.
    #2 is just kinda bleh.

    But other than that?
    Pretty damn hot.

  • Zach

    sad thing is most of these girls are “scene” not emo and 2nd they are hot how they are.

    number 10 was my favorite though. i have lip piercings myself, and i think girls with lip rings are so hot

  • Alex.O_O

    Lol This is a sexy gallery and an epic troll at the same time. Props chive

  • EMooo

    They Are Scene Bitches And They Need To Die. Emoz Own Dis Shit/

  • xclusive02

    I wish my lawn was Emo, so it would cut its self.

  • Anonymous

    these are scenegirls, they look emo but are way too in love with themselves.

  • s4sandeep_it


  • tangooooo

    hey guys,
    not joining in with your argument, but who is the girl in the first and last photos?
    I think i saw her the other day and i was just wondering her name for facebook 🙂


  • Ron


    They’re scene girls and every one of them are hot.

  • Amber

    im Fuckin EMO and i am not ugly at all sooooo really it doesnt really matter i mean emo looks good on some people so fur all you saying EMO SUCK! and They would be so much prettier if you wernt sooo FUCKIN emo!!! NEED 2 GET A LIFE!!!!!!!

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  • gOOOOOU!

    Number 5 is so BOMB!! I have a boooonnneeerrr

  • danwe

    lol i love emo girls man theyre so hot, cant stop looking at http://emo-porn.com hahaha x

  • Ty

    The internet has made morons of us all…

  • Anonymous

    If 9 was a Real Doll. I D FUCKIN BUY IT! 😀

  • BUFU

    they are all fucking hot.

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