Emo girls who could be hot if they weren't so emo (20 photos)

a emo girls hot 9 Emo girls who could be hot if they weren't so emo (20 photos)

  • Taylor

    These emo girls are cute but they are mostly scene girls. Most emos are ridiculous looking though but funny to laugh at, like on emotards.com.

  • ..

    dude thats not emo, thats scene.. google it 😉
    hot though!

  • The one

    Why cant girls take normal pictures, They are all from obscure angles to hide their flaws

  • Brandon

    What’s with the ugly, generic scene haircut they all have? That right there depreciates their hotness immediately.

  • Justin

    Man fircken pictures 4,5,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,16,and 17 are fricken HOT. Man i love Emo chicks. Man most of the girls i like are fricken emo. so WTF are you saying?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    What’s the name of #2 girl?

  • http://stevehodgeeee.com/ Steve

    These girls are cute

  • WABA

    Emo and Scene chicks are fucking hot!
    I love Love the fucking eyes!!

  • http://goggle jaysen

    Did i say that

  • desertsteel

    Emos can be hot but i have no use for tackle box faces

  • Anonymous

    Who cares

  • Anonymous

    All girls can me pretty my scene girls totally rock and #9 would be be gettng married if we met lol

  • Anonymous

    How is #12 at all emo or scene??? She just has dark hair

  • Lady Llanfair

    These chicks aren't emo, just saying.
    I'd know 'cause I'm emo. These are fools/wannabes/scenes… and scenes are not a type of emo, they're completely different (and usually hate each other)…

    • godson

      Quit hating bitch

  • http://VAmpirefreaks.com XxMr.puppyxx

    hey i think emo chicks are beautiful. They make the word pretty aight? I dated an emo chick and she waz amazing. Always made me laugh. Emo chicks are not bad.

  • godson

    Photo 13 the pictures in your computer are Fucking amazing

  • abilities651

    **your a nerd**

  • Anonymous

    i just think that emo girls are the most beautiful girls you’ll ever find. i wish everyone was emo

  • Bill

    So stop whining then

  • Anonymous

    milly u rock for sticking up for what u believe in. emo girls rule and their the sexiest girls u’ll ever see. haha i love emo girls

  • Bill

    So you want everyone to be emotionally weak crybabies who tear up at the drop of a hat and think suicide is the shit? Put a big L on your forehead.

  • Anonymous

    Well said Milly!
    When I hung out with my ex’s friends, who were all scene or emo, none of them were whiny or talked about suicide or had any scars. They were some of the most fun and laid-back people I’d ever known. It’s music that perpetuates the stereotype. Listen to death metal…you think metalheads are constantly killing people (or whatever they sing about)?

    As for these girls…#12 takes the cake (not emo or scene, for what it’s worth).

  • dr

    Correction: None of these girls are “emo,” or have the faintest idea what it is…. just like anyone else here.

  • Anonymous


  • "EMO" lover

    I love emos and u don’t have to be nerd to like ’em all of u that hates emos why? on second thought u hate ’em just as much as i hate brats with all u dolce kikabama or whatever… “emo”s are hawt, Period!

  • Jennifer Lynn

    You’re the most ignorant person ive EVER seen hahahahahah!
    Thanks for making my day ❤

  • Bobby

    Just to make it clear emo was a genre in the 80″s that is now dead. Ya scene girls!

  • top dog

    Amber says:
    August 24, 2009 at 2:25 pm
    “im Fuckin EMO and i am not ugly at all sooooo really it doesnt really matter i mean emo looks good on some people so fur all you saying EMO SUCK! and They would be so much prettier if you wernt sooo FUCKIN emo!!! NEED 2 GET A LIFE!!!!!!!”

    Send a picture and we all will know what you look like. I like all girls, EMO or otherwise.

  • TickTockLocke

    This guy knows what he's talking about.

    Or he did 90 weeks ago. Damn, I'm a slowpoke!

  • http://UNICORNS!;) AlyssaLovesYou:)

    All these girls are amazingly beautiful and who cares if their Emo, or not? Everyone is beautiful in their own way and these girls are defiantly beautiful on the outside, I LOVE EMO’S! 🙂 ❤

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