• SreyaNotfilc

    Now I know why Soccer is popular in foreign countries. It’s not because of the compelling matches… Oh no, it’s because it’s normal to act like a lunatic. Or at least see something crazy happen in the stands (or anywhere in the arena).

  • Equalizer

    This is the reason why the sport called Sucker, oh I mean… Soccer.

  • xclusive02

    Could you imagine if shit like this went down at Giants Stadium? Lambeau field thawing out in the winter because people set that ablaze. Bring this futbol attitude to football and then we are talking.

  • jeffcren

    Those would be pretty out of control football, fans, but they seem like pretty ordinary soccer fans to me!

  • ahha

    It isn’t like this only happens outside the U.S. How many American cities have had riots following some sort of championship sporting event?

  • j biscuits

    Ha, some of the comments on here stink of ignorance. It’s that typical American trait of making assumptions about something that you clearly know nothing about. This sort of thing happens at football matches very ,very rarely – if at all.

  • us fan

    its funny, because one of those pictures, the tenth from the bottom (albeit empty stands) is at a US MLS-league game… FC Dallas hispanic supporter’s group, El Matadores.

  • NFL is not football

    How can you call NFL football? you dont use your feet.

  • 3rd Degree » Archive » El Matador

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  • robin yates

    why is it only football supporters do this ?,,,,,,,,,

  • DutchieLover

    In America, we have football, hockey, and lacrosse. Violence is played out on the field in these sports, not by the idiots in the stands (for the most part). In America, the people who aren’t big enough or strong enough to play those sports, play soccer. That’s why we suck compared to other countries, particularly European and South American ones. Face it people, before you reply about how tough of a soccer player you are.

    • qwert

      American football is tough? Piss off you c. unt: we play Rugby. That's a man's game. Not a bunch of padded fairies standing still every two seconds…

  • Stupid people..

    I can’t belive hos stupid amerikans are? Shit i nerly never have riots i europe but you morons start riots when you precious NFL “foot”ball team wins?! Makes no sens.. You start riots whenever some one starts a fight?! FUCKING IDIOTS…

  • Ari

    Sie versuchen, für 90 Minuten läuft, dann sprechen Sie mit mir ….

  • jozef

    hmmm because american soccer is crappy and noone gives a fuck???

  • Jonny

    Well said that man

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