Tomorrow, The Chive's goint to Six-Man, sexiest tournament on earth (33 Photos)

6 man lead Tomorrow, The Chive's goint to Six Man, sexiest tournament on earth (33 Photos)

Every August, tens of thousands of half-naked attention seekers descend on Manhattan Beach, CA for the ‘Six Man’ Volleyball Tournament. Teams from across the globe come to compete…in costumes. From team Umpa Lumpa to team Magnum PI, 6 Man is the fastest growing volleyball tournament on the globe.
The Chive brothers, Leo and John have arrived at our beach house in Manhattan Beach. The Chive is sponsoring a team, but not just any team, a women’s team of 30 (yes 30) talented hotties dressed as Madonnas. The tournament is Saturday, Aug. 1st. Look for The Chive banners, come say hello and tell us how much you love us. ‘Cause you do. Here is last year’s debacle…

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