When Chive users submit, hilarity ensues (20 Photos)

chive funny bike When Chive users submit, hilarity ensues (20 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chivers in Chiveland for submitting these bonkers gems. If you got the stuff, send it to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com

Chive On!
-Leo and John

  • ken

    Ummm…What's goin' on on that guy's back? Is that body art or a weird injury (hard to tell the difference between those two now days)?

    • wackford

      octopus attack?

  • Equalizer

    The 4th picture is NO DOUBT GAY…

  • omnomnomnom

    im gonna eat xerxes only because the owner’s a prick

  • ahha

    What the hell happened to that guy’s back????

  • xclusive02

    yeah, WTF is up with that guys back. Otherwise, the other ones were pretty cool.

  • SreyaNotfilc


  • teringlijder

    lol, the guys back is full of vacuüm marks, at least thats what i think it is

  • googo

    Maybe he’s had a wrestling match with an octopus !

  • googo

    or sex !

  • Champ

    half man half dinosaur


  • ebro

    the guys back
    there is this therapy where you heat class cups and then it forms suction on your skin when you let them cool. you can see where the cups were around the red marks. a while ago there was a big story about how gweniith paltrow does it or someething
    looks like he left the cups on too long and it “hickied” him.

  • http://vkontakte.ru/id4569505 vertigo

    what means “pimpstress”?

    • top dog

      It means nothing, she obviously thinks it means cool though.

  • ranneys1

    pic 16, holy hell! literally, figuratively and spirtitually wtf

  • robin yates

    totally correct about the glass cups/vacuum pics,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, some use this in sex games

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  • Anonymous

    Pic 3 reminds me of a joke.
    'A light aircract has crashed in a cemetary…they have discovered a hundred and fifty five bodies!'

    • VanIsleChiver

      the key to that joke my friend is "where" it crashed … sure in a cemetary but where was the cemetary? Here in Canada we sometimes use Newfoundland cuz the Newfies are good sports.
      A small a/c crashed this morning in Dildo Newfoundlands cemetary…..at last count authorities had recovered 150 bodies"

  • http://vulpes-aurum.deviantart.com/ Dank Afro Nugs Grape


  • Anonymous

    It’s called Cupping. It’s an old Chinese remedy like acupuncture. It is supposed to restore life forces. No matter what it is/does, it leaves those ugly marks for a few days sometimes.

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