• pufffdragon

    The guy at the mall video was good bad. This is just terrible. Never before have I ever wanted a minute and 31 secs of my life back.

  • Texdot

    I feel like this explained so much about Ihazcheeseburgers.com

  • dawn


  • Old Man

    You guys are stupid. This is the cutest shit ever. "I'm her mom," "No she's not."

  • Ummm

    Condoms, people. Use them. That was just about the most annoying crap video I've ever seen. Sans the accent, reminded me of that redneck Honey Boo-Boo.

  • DaveDestruction

    Oh my god. I've thought more about getting a vasectomy. Ummm has it right – that was just about the most annoying video – EV-ER!!

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