Daily morning randomness 8.5.09 (31 photos)

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  • xclusive02

    THESE were pretty sweet.

  • kenny

    second one looks shopped, but only cuz I’ve seen a few in my day

  • Jonathan Passow

    Hehehehe, grass is pritty dumb….

  • Champ

    the chive is serious business!

  • Equalizer

    I like the ass of that Angel.

  • robin yates

    love the pic of they motor cyclist with 2 tyres round his chest

  • http://vkontakte.ru/id4569505 vertigo

    please tell me what are these grass posters about?

  • Brandon

    Can you blame the guy for having a hard-on?

  • TigersFidelity

    yeah, well…i stay hasty

  • Cyprien

    Dude in 10 is a mate of mine, his name is Lorry (Laurence) and happens to be a Fire fighter 😀

  • USLethal

    Am I the only one who wants to immediately track Doug Belden down and rid the world of that fucking douchebag?

    • theotherone


  • SmokeyTheBear

    #10 That dude will have nightmares for years, and people ask how people turn gay…

  • SreyaNotfilc

    It looks to me like a water conservation ad. Basically, it’s saying that all you need is 2 minutes of watering to maintain your lawn. Anything over will not affect how green the grass will look.

    Over here in America, many homeowners tend to turn on their sprinklers on for very long periods of time. Some turn their sprinklers on before going to work and leaving it on to well after they get home. This wastes a ton of water. Since grass is a plant (a very small plant), it can only absorb a small amount of water at a time or per day (2 minutes worth from a sprinkler). Because of that, the extra water will just go to waste.

    So the slogan “water is dumb” is just reminding everyone that it won’t know the difference of being watered for 2 minutes or 2 hours. It will absorb all it can and waste the rest.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I mean the slogan “grass is dumb”. lol

  • Citizen X

    You’re dumb…….biotch

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