Buncha' weirdos living underground (14 Photos)

weirdos lead underground Buncha' weirdos living underground (14 Photos)

The small town of Coober Pedy in South Australia is home to 1,916 people -many of which live underground in caves. An opal mining town since the 1920’s, people have been seeking refuge from the hot sun by literally going underground. Mining is still going on here, but many older mine shafts have been enlarged and hollowed out to create homes where people live, permanently, underground.

  • Equalizer

    How much is the rent?

  • LOL

    Decor seems stuck in the 70’s for some folks! Love the velvet (?) wrapped bar! LOL

  • xclusive02

    Hey, do what ya gotta do. I think it would be cool to party in there one night.

  • Bill

    These homes have been featured in a few movies one of which was the mad max trio and another in a recent film who’s name escapes me at the moment. Summer time heat where this town is surpasses the heat of Las Vegas so living underground in the old mining shafts is actually the only real way to get away from the heat without having to run industrial grade cooling systems on a standard house and end up with an enormous utility bill.

  • Champ

    what if someone farts?

  • Jonathan Passow

    Great place to live until an earthquake.

  • blueberryvoodoo

    yeah, these have been featured in movies, alright. THE HILLS HAVE EYES

  • Mann Fairbanks

    I think Lighting Ridge is an even bigger town than this that does the same thing. When you fly over it it looks like a prairie dog infestation.

    I think plots leases are only a couple hundred dollars, and then you can just dig your own home. If you’re lucky you’ll dig out a couple hundred thousand dollar opal.

    A lot of people go there to not be found. They say the population is x (whatever the census says), but food sales indicate twice the census population.

  • Chuck Tawobbly

    You can buy explosives at the local supermarket if you have a mining license. When i visited a couple year ago the local pub owner told me a drunk miner got really angry at a judgement against him in his divorce, so he bought some TNT and blow up the court house.

  • robin yates

    australians are a breed apart,,,,,,,god bless them,,,,,,,,,,,

  • BathrobesAreMyDailyUniform

    Where’s the pterodactyl gramophone & the woolly mammoth vacuum cleaner?

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  • seriously

    I now know where I want to live.

  • icaro

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  • Dr. Poop

    Have fun trying to have inconspicuous sex in that place

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