I want my goth wedding to be just like this (15 Photos)

wedding goth weird I want my goth wedding to be just like this (15 Photos)

photos from the great pushba.gallery.ru also community.livejournal/o_svadbe via izismile.com

  • Mr. GQ

    Arent they like 12 years old?

  • Anonymous

    Grandma said “It takes all kinds to make this world interesting child.”

    I think she was going for a Morticia Adams Clingon Vampire cross look. Pretty much nailed it. LOL

  • omnomnomnom

    what the hell are those?

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Goth > Emo

  • xclusive02

    what is up with her hair. she looks like she is baling worse then my grandpa. This is the worst wedding EVER.

    • Alina

      How is this this the worst wedding ever? no one died, no one tripped at the altar, is it simply because of their looks? How ignorant.

  • Champ

    she is strangely attractive

    • lola

      ive decided that her hair is weird because she’d be too attractive and not scary enough if she had it normal

  • Bill

    Gotta be a publicity stunt, she really does look like she’s no more than 13 years old but she nailed the neo goth look while his failed with those snow boots.

  • chivetalker

    WTF?! She looks like a possessed Cabbage Patch doll!

  • Arabella

    Biggest. Forehead. Ever.

  • blueberryvoodoo

    surprisingly tasteful goth wedding considering their awful taste is on display

  • madt

    her half shaved head scares me a little but he is kinda cute. weird either way.

  • mcflipster

    Please dear God sombody tell me those things are sterile

    • Capster

      Haha, you are hilarious McFlipster

  • Inulin

    They are trying too hard.

    awful lot of melodramatic posing.

    and if they are so into not having emotions or being sad or whatever, why are they smiling in all the candid shots?

    just give up.

    • Allie

      Dude they're smiling because…. they just got married.

  • ken

    She supposed to be a Bene Gesserit from Dune?

    His shoes….not good.

    • Dominic

      I was thinking the same thing about Dune!

  • D. Sharp

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when the family/in laws are discussing their take of the event. I like when people don’t follow suit, but I also have to agree that the “Storm Trooper knee high boots don’t go with the Dune/Labyrinth outfit. I know the half shaved head thing is popular for shock value, but what do they look like in the morning with no make up and a little stubble?

  • ebro

    i kinda liked it. not that i would do it myself, but its not that weird.

  • D. Sharp

    Crazy Ken. I posted my comment and thought no one would get the Dune thing. Then I see yours. I have never watched the whole movie (I’m 34) just pieces. I’m more of an Ice Pirates kind of guy.

  • Connie

    wow what the eff is up with her hair? the guy looks more like a girl than the bride does.

    man theyre just so edgy. who’s with me?

    • Ben

      no one

  • mollee

    Please don’t breed, please don’t breed….

  • Cocklebur

    What I want to know is who is the pitcher and who is the catcher, or do they trade off?

  • Equalizer

    Now where are the parents of these lost soul kids?

  • Xac

    Don’t judge. Nothing wrong with having your own style.

    The girl is cute.

  • ranneys1

    now now chivers, predators are allowed to marry as well.

  • C

    Xac, what do you think a comment section is for? Judging and making fun of goof ass people like this. Well done on the Dune work! Dune > Ice Pirates. I also agree, the Napoleon Dynamite moon boots were pretty lame.

    • Cal

      Napoleon Dynamites boots are awsome.

  • Moi

    Ahh, good for them!

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