I want my goth wedding to be just like this (15 Photos)

wedding goth weird I want my goth wedding to be just like this (15 Photos)

photos from the great pushba.gallery.ru also community.livejournal/o_svadbe via izismile.com

  • sarah

    They’re just kids! She looks like she’s twelve. I don’t like the shaved forehead but her haircolour and ringlets are well done. And I think the pics look almost traditional if you overlook the hair and makeup. I like the whole thing I think it’s tasteful, compared to most alternative weddings I’ve seen.

  • Ecca

    I quite enjoyed seeing these photos, more interesting than most wedding photo’s ive seen. Damn they are being original, creative and most of all comfortable with themselves. Good on em’

  • Carlos MV

    omg wtf

  • Colin


  • robin yates

    I think both kids have parents who are not only loaded but supportive of these kids,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, not my style but they are not my kids,,,,,,,,,, c’est la vie

  • random-random

    eh, goth is fine , but that hair is highly unattractive even in goth

  • operations

    Where the hell did her hair go? You know, the real stuff that should not be receding?

  • Digitsis

    hmmm – I bet in 20 years when they are all grown up they will look at these pictures and wonder ‘did we really think that looked good?!’

  • 11

    So what? At least it’s original. I think it’s sweet ❤

  • AcrylicStyle.Com

    Seems pretty cool to me.

    The girls kinda cute, I really wish she didn’t shave the front off of her hair though, I have mixed feelings about it (it’s not horrible) but in the end it makes me wish I could see her with a full head of hair.

    Not throwing in my two cents, just a wish, lol.

    And there’s too many cliche comments up here, the goth style isn’t average, it’s expected (though I gotta agree with everyone who said they don’t like the shoes).

  • Jezebel888

    The groom looks like a gay storm trooper.

  • Vita

    love is so beautiful…and kinda weird…

  • loresten

    “…and may your forehead grow like the mighty oak.” ~Mystery Science Theater

  • Holly

    aw, I for one think its adorable. Her dress is lovely and they look so good togather.

    • BEC

      I agree, they look like they’re in love and happy and good for them.

  • Kevin

    is she supposed to be a Machine Person from ringworld? where’s her beard?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know… it’s definitely odd, but most certainly more unique than most weddings 🙂 they certainly look like a fun couple.

  • steve smith

    So are they Lesbians?

  • jim m

    for all you relaxed brain folk, its not about looks, its about soul!

  • jim m

    the shaved head thing isn’t my style, but that girl is beautiful. And for all you people making negative comments your most likely mediorcre people leading dull, uninteresting lives fading into the background of the human race. Putting yourself on a pedestal and pointing down on other people may help you sleep better at night, but does it bother you that you will soon be forgotten when you die?

  • jim m

    hey kpizzle (what kind of name is that? lmao) i pity you for being “normal” but before you go to bed and take it up the ass from your boyfriend, and then go to work and take it up the ass again from your boss why don’t you tell us all what “normal” means in your sad, pathetic little world?

  • Carls Junior Jung

    I see a creative sense of style that goes the way of regurgitating what others have created years ago. Kind of like seeing teenage hippies, still. The movement is out of place and time. Creativity from a personal level is very necessary and healthy. Again, my wish is that I could see more ORIGINAL style, but the common lean is for identity to an OUTSIDE influence rather than self generated. That’s the problem with fashion though… It’s aesthetic and external identity, not a result of your conscious inner development. 99% of the time, the person expressing the style knows not why or how this process occurs or why it should even be considered, but hey they are young…

    FYI, is it me or does it look like a Christina Ricci Cabbage Patch Doll TM + a lesbian version of one of the Matrix Reloaded albino twins?

    A+ for execution though…. haha.

  • Chell

    Hahaha that dress looks like something I would wear to one of my nerdy anime cons XD

  • Steve

    The girl already looks pregnant if you look at the way she is holding her stomach

  • Th30d0r4

    Jesus, that’s a lotta comments.

    Methinks girl would be tons hotter if she were to have a full head of hair with a nice fringe. Guy ain’t bad looking, but yeah, his boots ain’t cutting it for me.

    IMO, I think I would’ve liked to be a guest at that wedding. I like non-traditional things. And besides, what matters is that they’re happy, and they’re getting MARRIED.

  • Oxy


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