I want my goth wedding to be just like this (15 Photos)

wedding goth weird I want my goth wedding to be just like this (15 Photos)

photos from the great pushba.gallery.ru also community.livejournal/o_svadbe via izismile.com

  • kentuckycactus

    Well, they looked like they had fun (in their gothy way) and they’re not barging into my home and shaving my hair, so let them do what they wish. Although, was anyone else wondering if they signed the marriage licesnse in their own blood?

  • Eddie

    kentuckycactus: I hope you are joking with your last comment. That is, in the extreme, stereotypical.
    I’m surprised that these days anyone treats goths like they are segregated. Just shows how people are.

  • Rebecca

    I think that woman’s actually beautiful. Admittedly I’m find her more attractive with a hair cut that didn’t look like she changed her mind half way through but she’s stunning.

  • painkiller

    why is she on black and he white,????????????

  • Littleliz318

    umm, besides her haircut, they are not half-bad.. but that hair-cut…. 0.o

  • Raven

    These photo’s are beautiful. And i love the opposite colors. They look gorgeous!

  • Ty

    She’s got so much forehead you could mow it

  • Anonymous

    It would be funny if they had to break the glass and go “MAZEL TOV”!!!!

  • loli

    she should just shave all of her hair off, it looks stupid hanging like that. she has a gorgeous face so it wouldnt matter if she was bald.
    anyway, these pictures are kind of cute in a fucked up sort of way 😀

  • Equalizer

    It’s probably a cosplay

  • nicdinecola

    david bowie in labyrinth

  • blablah

    she’s pretty much rockin a skullet

  • Wija-chan

    Stunning. :’3
    The guy’s pretty hawt too.
    I love their outfits.
    Especially the girl’s wedding dress.
    I’ve always dreamt of wearing a dress like that wedding or not. x’3
    Their platform shoes are really sexy. I want those. x’3 (xcept hers aren’t really platform shoes x’3 but still SEXY)
    The guy’s hair is great, but the girl…it’s OK, I guess, just not used to the semi-bald looks. :’o Especially when it comes to us girls. =’o
    I always have my hair long and I’m attracted to long-hairs, whether guys or gals. -shrugs-

  • cn

    Forhead? More like a Five head.

  • The one

    is that the biggest forehead you have ever seen or what! maybe eighthead is a little more accurate

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it interesting that the most intellectual and ‘offensive’ comment that you could come up with was ‘FAGS.’

    Reading up on the couple, they now have a baby, and it is adorable :3
    I think that they are a beautiful couple, congratulations to them.

  • Lenna

    Except for her hair, which looks weird to me, these are beautiful pictures! I really like her dress.

  • Koko

    I agree with Loli, she would look so much better full bald.

    I love weddings though, even the crazy ones. I thought it was cute.

  • Rachel

    Is it me…or does she look at least 13 years old?

  • bri

    Sadula: Teenager maidens shave their hair on the top of the head and leave the outlying fringes unshaven. The shaven hair is allowed to grow only after the women have matured and married. The first growth of this shaven hair after marriage is called Endermamit or Fesesay The hair that has not been shaved, that is, the outlying fringe, is either braided or combed into an Afro. The Sadula is practiced mostly by the Amharas and Tigreans and some other tribes of Ethiopia.

    From the looks of her hair she is practicing an Ethiopian hair ritual. There are many other tribes in South America though that also females shave the fronts of the hair and leave the back as she has done. Thought some of you may care to know. As most of you know counter culture fashion and hair and body mod have all come from tribal cultures.

    Also as a weird hippie goth chick who has a modified fringe (just long bangs) Bald chicks unite!

  • dildo


  • Dingo

    i like the last picture…i can tell he just figured out he made a huge mistake

  • hooterboy

    I iz wundering if can skate on that forehead???

  • Shell

    They look so happy.

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