I want my goth wedding to be just like this (15 Photos)

wedding goth weird I want my goth wedding to be just like this (15 Photos)

photos from the great pushba.gallery.ru also community.livejournal/o_svadbe via izismile.com

  • Slugger

    Be careful KPizzle, your comments might make you come off as ignorant and cowardly. Your quick wit and insightful observations are not lost on me, but these other “dipshits”, may just see you as some chump douchebag.

  • Anonymous

    Won’t they be proud of those pictures when they grow up and become office managers or CPA’s.

  • Anonymous

    Funny,,, he looks more like a woman than she does…

  • JustAnotherRammsteiner

    Really now, I don’t find this as odd as some of you think it is. I like it, actually. I’m not into the whole uber-goth thing, but it’s cute.

    And I hope they have kids. Just so there will be more of them to piss off closed-minded people like some of the posters here.

  • Corinne

    I love it! Very beautiful! 🙂

  • NTFW

    lol. she looks like the robot in Bjork’s video with the robots… and yeah, he looks like the dudes from the matrix…

    goth really?

  • Jbles

    this is gorgeous! everyone that is being ignorant and judgmental can shut the fuck up. this is their wedding, they did it how they wanted it. sorry that they dont fit into your little idea of what “normal” or “acceptable” is. welcome to the real world.

  • just1girl

    I think the person in white is a girl, and they both look so young, way to young to commit to marriage! but, beautiful dress and jewelry and wedding and such!

  • Anna

    I think it’s beautiful that they’re in love and got married. Who cares what they look like or how different they are? I think it’s awesome that they did something so radically different. At least they’re happy and I’m so glad none of the judgemental people will be at my wedding. Happiness is the most important thing in any relationship.

  • plethoraic

    She looks like she is trying to copy the Renaissance ideal of women plucking their foreheads, not particularly attractive today, but she pulls it off well. I wish them luck.

  • Hellen

    I think they are beautiful. To me, she's the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She A WAY more different than all those girls with grandma look at their wedding.

  • Annoyed

    Goths are happier than most people I've met, just because they're dressing all dark and posing dramatically doesn't mean they don't know how to laugh. Get over the fucking stereotypes.

  • Cleo the Happy Goth

    I think these photos are lovely and it makes me happy to see two unique people who seem to be very much in love. The bride's dress is just gorgeous- I wish I had one just like it! Like most folks, I'm not too keen on her hair, but whatevs, they're not my follicles so I couldn't care less.

  • Guy

    Looks okay to me… they DO seem happy.. that's all that matters.. the rest is none of our business

  • jess

    I wish i could have a unique wedding like this..

  • BIBI

    where is the guy?? wtf XD

  • hellen

    Actually, they have two kids now- a daughter and a son, and they are beautiful. And it's not only a "shock- thing", they have their own style and they wear it proudly.

  • I'mAnorexia

    Cute 🙂

    Everyone stop hating. They're allowed to have their own style. They're smiling because THEY ARE HAPPY.
    Dumb fucks… they just got married duh!

  • Indibulous

    Okay, 1. Wait till the chemo's done before having the wedding, 2. Wait till you're 18 before getting tattoos, and 3. Wait till your sane (and, again, turn 18) before getting married.

  • Guest

    How in the hell will he get a boner while looking at that dome???

  • blueberryvoodoo


  • blaa

    shud be gassed not married YUCKKKKKKKKK!

  • Dr. B

    I got half way through these thinking, “yeah yeah, that’s enough of the bride and flower girl, i waan’t to see how cool the groom looks.”

    until they kissed.

  • Harmony

    They’d be better parents than you.

    At least they could exercise restraint in judging people by how they look.


  • Mivchelle

    Actually, During the medieval period it was EXTREMELY important to have a very large forehead. It was a sign of importance/wealth. Every lady would constantly pluck at their hairline. The bigger the forehead the better, My guess is what the woman was thinking with her hair.

  • KPizzle

    Too bad they’re both faggots.

  • KPizzle

    This isn’t the fucking medieval times anymore. Get with the program.

  • KPizzle

    You’re the fucking moron if anything. Hopefully when they fucking have a reality check (after they figure out not many places hire fucking demons), they’ll get their shit ship-shape and start dressing normally.

    You’re a stupid bitch Harmony, and should shut. the. fuck. up before spewing your bullshit diarrhea you call advice all over the place.


  • Ery

    Actually, was wondering the same thing myself!

  • Anonymous


  • Slappy

    Very interesting to know. Seeing the pictures I wondered if there was maybe more to the cut than just a “look”. Thank you for clarifying

  • David

    Second the thanks for the info 🙂

  • David

    Thanks for this comment… I broke out in shushed laughter so as not to wake up the wife…

  • David

    Fail at spelling.

  • Anonymous

    they look like a bunch of Carney-folk if you ask me

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