Wasted celebrities (22 photos)

a wasted celebrities 16 Wasted celebrities (22 photos)

  • xclusive02

    I love to drink, but there is a time when you stop pounding, but I guess with these people, there isn’t that time.

  • DavidT

    Big Deal. Evey one get’s wasted once in a while. It’s just that these people have paparazzi following them every where they go selling the most embarrassing photo’s to the highest bidder. Give these people a break.

  • Zenra

    How can you tell if Nick Nolte is drunk? He always looks like that.

  • chivetalker

    I think they made a mistake and only put up a normal picture of Mickey Rourke here.

  • Equalizer


  • omnomnomnom

    jack bauer is a legendary drunk

  • d

    they’re just like us!

  • lina

    is that one of the olsen twins and SPENCER PRATT at the back??? OMG

    • StayC 84

      I swear that's him! Creep-tastic

  • Jonathan Passow

    Ya booze!

  • mollee

    Wow. And now I feel so much better about myself.

  • ranneys1


  • huh

    Shoudda put their names on the pics. I can’t even tell who most of these people are.

  • peaceman

    if i was as rich as them id be way more drunk all the time

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    • Victorya

      Actually, you can share albums to the pulibc with Facebook. This might be a feature addition since you checked it out for your entry. I can upload photos, and they will give me a url to give to the pulibc. But it’s like the Photobucket sort of url nonsensical.And not to be nitpicky, but in the Photobucket url, it’s a forward slash, not backslash.

  • hey

    Where’s Matthew McConaughey?? His wasted pictures are epic!

  • Montzilla

    No Amy Winehouse?}

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  • Beefy

    Does anybody have a picture of Tara Reid NOT wasted?

  • Cougs

    Vern Troyer's hand holding that cup is tripping me out!

  • Jim

    The comment of has anyone not seen a picture of Tara Reid drunk is probably true. However, I feel sorry for her, because she is a beautiful and talented young woman. To waste her talent and life in a sea of drunkeness is sad. She needs someone to love her for her and not her talent and money.

  • http://ProjectEwing.com Jester

    lol yeah jim and im sure that man is you

  • Pezski

    Kiefer Sutherland; that man knows how to party!

  • Anonymous

    Do you have to post on every single gallery? Jesus, you’re a freaking douche.

  • LOL

    Ever since they started keeping track of who has the most posts, I’ve noticed a few people saying things that don’t really say anything. Just talking to hear themselves talk you know?

    I figure if that makes them happy, fine, whatever. Life is short. I do like reading the comments that are LOL funny though. I wish there were more of them.

    And waiting for moderation on a comment that is funny, OH that pisses me off! But hey, the site’s FREE so I guess I’ll get the fuck over it! LOL

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