I don't remember Pokemon looking like this (14 Photos)

pokemon chick I don't remember Pokemon looking like this (14 Photos)

Her name is Jessica Negri and she’s redefined Pikachu at this year’s Comic-Con. Most agree she was the hottest thang’ there.

Photos from lumdigital.com, gamergy.com. all images via izismile.com

  • Mr. GQ

    Gotta catch em all!

    • Mikes

      haha, You're funny

  • top dog

    I don’t know, that cat woman looked pretty hot to me.

  • aaron

    Please xclusive take a minute out of your pathetic life not to post on this gallery, thanks.

  • Morrissey

    really, i’m dreaming of bouncing quarters…

  • balta.lapa

    Wow. Honestly, that is one of the most gorgeous thing i have seen, lately. And by lately I mean some many years!!

  • Gogo

    Do you remember the pic with Pikachu’s v*gina ? 😀

  • Equalizer

    She’s overated

    • steve-o316

      well ur gay

  • Equalizer

    She’s overrated

  • jozef

    I’d hit it !

  • xclusive02

    wow. great job

  • chivetalker

    I’d Pikachu her anytime!

  • Ecca

    nice photo’s beautiful smile. And yes the cat woman was hot too.

  • robin yates

    tasty, tasty,,,,,,,,,very very tasty !

  • Jonathan Passow

    Do want.

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    But, what about her personality everybody? Sure she’s got a bangin’ body and a gorgeous smile, but I want someone I can talk to for long periods of time. I want to know her inner-most secrets and her desires and goals. I want to … *actually takes a look at the photos* … Holy cow she’s a hottie!

    BTW, I’m sure she’s a great person.

    • JellyBelly

      I actually know her personally, and yea she's the whole package. Bright and bubbly personality.

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  • GTFOLinda!


  • poop

    who’s is that catwoman?

  • roberto

    who’s that pokemon, for god’s love tell me !!!!!

  • Matt

    all of a sudden i like pokemon.

  • Alex K.

    guys….come on. why debase something this girl obviously likes so much by turning it into something smutty. damn, us men are jerks. plus, none of you have a chance. i guarantee it. the fact you waste time posting crap on stuff like this proves it. i dont have a chance either. though, im only posting because ive taken on a bet to stay up for 6 days straight and the internet has helped get me through day 4.

  • Kinky

    The blonde is hot, but cat women is BANGING! Anymore fotos of her? 😛

  • Bamrocket

    WRONG! This year at Comic Con she was dressed as Morigan the Succubus. Pikachu was her costume last year.

    Watch moar G4 Comic Con coverage, they interview her :]

  • Scott

    She's hot, but so what. She's obviously just another model. She's just dressing up to try and get some publicity. She probably has no idea what she's dressed up as, and loathes the people she's surrounded by at the convention.

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