The 7 fattest sandwiches sold in America

fat san lead1 The 7 fattest sandwiches sold in America

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  • xclusive02

    none of these look good.

  • steamrollr'

    all of these look good

  • Equalizer

    I’ll call them all The Heart Clogger

  • Ampatent

    Was the ‘s’ key broken on the last two pictures?

  • omnomnomnom

    this made me hungee

  • robin yates

    you eat shit,,,,,you look like shit

  • peaceman

    all this shit looks amazing give a me a beer and a blunt and shit would be crumbs

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  • top dog

    People actually eat this crap? At some point you gotta figure, enough is enough.

  • Leonardo

    I love food, i wouldn’t eat any thing else.(‘cept the obvious;-)

  • Thomas Rougeot

    Looks really really shitty…

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