Daily morning randomness 8.9.09 (30 photos)

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a 2 thechive morning random funny 0 Daily morning randomness 8.9.09 (30 photos)

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  • Reversedfate

    the last one is truly amazing…

  • Moi

    Refridgerator made me laugh.

  • Equalizer

    (1st Picture): Yah DOG!, Your doing it right!….

  • xclusive02

    The last one is classic. made my day.

  • LOL

    9th picture-fat cop-I bet he has a dickey do. :) If he doesn’t he must be hung like a retarded Globetrotter. :D

  • blueberryvoodoo

    what is neil patrick harris doing with those russian drag queens? nevermind that, why am i questioning neil patrick harris?

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