The world's safest/most dangerous bed (5 photos)

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a hidden gun safe under bed 0 The world's safest/most dangerous bed (5 photos)

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  • Equalizer

    Santa, I want that for Christmas!

  • Champ

    every man, woman and child should own one of these!

  • xclusive02

    who needs the safe? I have that shit under my bed.

  • Nate_karr

    yeah aaron. don’t be so hostile…

  • robin yates

    guess these are a type of wank mag ?

  • David Gray

    Hi, just today found this blog but I have to say that it looks great. I totally agree with your post. Have a nice day, keep up the nice work and I’ll definitely keep reading.

    • Douche

      screw you

  • saffer

    I sleep with my AK under the pillow

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