We're seaching for some pretty weird stuff, man (17 Photos)

internet google lead We're seaching for some pretty weird stuff, man (17 Photos)

Gallery from interbent via izismile

  • Morrissey

    I’m guilty of half of these

  • abilities651

    lol i need to try some shit like this

  • omnomnomnom

    always knew midgets could see better in the dark

  • Equalizer

    These are just waste of time

    • M.B

      Your a waste of time!

  • Ampatent

    Can people who have been deaf all their lives think with words?

  • robin yates

    it all helps pass the time I guess

  • poop

    the last one is pretty legit

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  • steve dave

    actulaly indians and a lot of the world dont use toilet paper, they use water and a stick or something

    • yours daddy

      fuck you we dont use stick or some thing but the thing is that we use a lot of water instead of wasting paper more over we respect paper as it resemble and relates to knowledge so dont use it at such a place

      did you understood moron

  • zxcvb


    At least we know how we ended up with George W. Bush…twice.

  • Steve

    Do deaf people sign dirty during sex?

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  • robin yates

    do deaf people sign during sex,,,,,surely a classic ?

  • anonymous

    Try “will my wife” in Google Search, observe the suggestions and see if you can find the odd one out …

  • al

    …..do insects fart?

    • Cees


  • chingen su madre

    chingen asu madre…..jajajaj

  • Pam

    This is genius. But you should just type ‘why is’ and enjoy what your seing: zenith of stupidity.

  • Bud Ugly

    Actually, I’d like to know if babies poop in the womb too.

  • someone..

    haha exacto chinguen a suu madre!!!

  • http://www.theonlinetutorials.com Aron John

    Fantastic searches

  • simmer.down

    try "help for people with too much time on their hands"

  • womb raider

    my brother actually pooped in the womb so the doctors had to do an emergency c-section. true story.

  • bob

    # 3
    Yes…Yes it does

  • chris

    I recently found typing “how to put a ” comes up with some interesting responses

  • Z

    is that a serious question?
    of course they do, just because they can’t hear doesnt mean when they sign they dont communicate in words either.

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