Celebrity photo bombers (12 photos)

celebrity photo bombers 20 Celebrity photo bombers (12 photos)

  • Gogo

    Chris Rock rocks !

  • SreyaNotfilc

    John Belushi was a bad ass!

  • omnomnomnom

    phil mickelson sure likes it up the ass

  • Equalizer

    Last picture is the best

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    • enough

      Go fuck yourself and quit with the damn commercials.

  • Kola

    Hello George Bush. I’m a cybernetic organism from the future to take your life and save America from the 8 years of shame. Asta la vista Bush 🙂 *bang*

  • Anonymous

    the first picture, the girl on the bottom looks like casey anthony |:

  • robert ball

    Buying a computer so you can subscribe to The Chive – $2,000.
    Buying Take-out so you don’t have to waste time cooking – $15.00
    Seeing a pic of Belushi flipping off Chase – Priceless!

  • fishy

    That secret service man needs to watch the guy to the right of Hillary. It looks like he just wants to take a big yummy bite out of her.

  • http://www.starzuncut.com No Paparazzi

    lol i love these celebrity pictures. the golfing one is the funniest! the chris rock and rihanna one is also pretty funny.

  • Ballardbitches

    Hahah chris rock

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