Defacing signs is good for you (24 photos)

a deface street signs 22 Defacing signs is good for you (24 photos)

  • Digitsis

    These are great!!! The Skiwi and the Mountain Lion warning – hilarious.

  • Equalizer

    I like that "STOP Hammertime" sign. LOL

    • Smara

      O Orkut este1 mais parecendo imstrunento de XFXBrXI, detalhar demais, identificar demais, eu agora to pensando em me descadastrar, o facebook je1 achei demais, agora o Orkut que ficar pior, nananinana

  • Jonathan Passow

    The Skiwi rules my world.

  • jordanwb

    I don’t get the “Dangerous Intersection Use a condome” one. What’s a condome?

  • linda2001

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  • Caker

    Hey the chive if i watermark other peoples pictures does it make them mine too?

  • GuardianSOS

    Why would going down a hill make you pee????J/W…….

  • Moofie goo

    the sex furnite warehouse is on the way to southend lol

  • ladyguitarstar

    nice post! Loving the ninja

  • Swizzly

    I go past the sex furniture warehouse everyday – opposite is mate school! Rofl

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