Gorgeous photos of gorgeous women (11 photos)

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  • aaaaaaaaaaa

    maybe specify names of photographer and models? u cant just post them like this…. give them some credit

    • http://www.lumbercartel.ca/images/interesting/ Anonymous Coward

      this web site is about getting banner ad revenues. if they actually cared about giving credit, then the focus would be quite different (and we wouldn't be allowed to post anonymously either).

  • Pim

    Hot Hot Hot

  • i_love_this_section

    i would take #2 camping, shes good at pitching tents. I just wish those shorts were shorter. #17, slutty, just the way i like them…mmmmm.

  • Ann

    I'm a girl and biased…some of those girls are fat.

    • http://www.lumbercartel.ca/images/interesting/ Anonymous Coward

      i'm a guy and that kind of fat is fine with me — i have no complaints but you're probably insecure (which could mean that you're very good looking too, what's your number?)

  • http://adibowo.com adi bowo

    wow, nice…hahaha

  • ibrahim

    hi gorgeos gorl

  • its_forge

    Zero backside. Where are the bottoms? What happened to the tush? What is wrong with you people?

  • http://www.ajitkumar.org/ Kumar

    Pretty girls. I like red one.

  • Paulino

    The B&W pictures are amazing!

  • skymaster4w


  • skymaster4w


  • http://www.macedonianbabes.com Macedonian Girl

    Favorite – the girl on the piano.

  • The Watcher

    Not one of these women are black or Africian American. What's wrong, brown not sexy enough?

  • william wang

    love them, i love the one who rides a horse best.

  • Dexx29

    What?!.. only white women are beautiful? I think this collection need some color in it . Where are the Ebony women and Latino ladies. incomplete.

  • ...

    I think 16 is the girl from "It's always sunny in Philadelphia"

  • kiran


  • http://ch4meleon.com/blog/?p=30 CH4MELEON » Some good links

    […] Firstly.. WOMEN! […]

  • nicole

    There are no black, asian, spanish, females in this whole layout. They are all white and a size 0 WTF…. where is the diversity?……

  • http://oyunda.mynet.com Oyunlar

    they are really cute

  • shaun omalley

    why is there not more sites like this not tacky just beautiful girls in sexy and good quality photos my hats off to you

  • aosux

    This is an awesome post

  • http://www.sport-hats.com sports hats

    very pretty….love them….

  • januji

    very very cute girls 😛

  • kettavan

    they're superb, i wanna marry that 5th girl in the pic b'coz i luv her and i wanna fuck the rest of them since i get feel as they need to be fucked when i see them -Kettavan

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