• Lando

    so great. don’t know how they did it put i’ve watched it 10 times

  • jennyV

    i think its safe to say that that waterslide is the most epic waterslide in the whole world? omg that was so awesome!!

  • Allejandro

    Esta mas loco que todos

  • You all are retarted

    if you think that is real..go back to school

  • Digitsis

    I agree with the header – real or fake – this is a pretty slick trick.

  • omnomnomnom

    pssshh, i could slip n slide the shit outta that, covered in broken glass. bare skinned. into a cup

  • C

    Awesome, and not ‘tarted at all.

  • Carls Junior Jung

    It’s real. Jesus did it too…

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  • Bizkit

    Fake but absolute awesomeness.

  • Equalizer

    That’s F@#$% Awesome!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It’s obviously fake. He flies further than the length of the ramp. If you know the least bit of science, it’s easy to see it’s fake

  • Wheels

    Equilibrium is a long word for balance. We dont have one, a balance in North America, because we tragically passed a satanic,diabolical, oppressive,repressive law which is a lie called sexual harassment. If things are in a state of equilibrium they are balanced. With a bad law like that being blindly enforced we dont have a very good equilibrium. Why does it seem like its the in thing these days for multitudes of mentally immature women to misinterpret strangers compliments about their bosoms and rearends, stares, etc. as being hassled for,when what they ought to be really doing is saying thank you, dont you think? The police, and the womens movement should not be excusing the misbehaviour of their own members. An officer should be punished for insulting me by calling my compliments "controversial". Just as feminists should not excuse their own for hurling insults at men and making disparing remarks, they should be punished and excluded from that group, and the books ought to be banned that teach blind hate and ignorence through deceitful propanganda.

    • boldspoo

      Did you just feel like this needed to be out here in the masses of internet page comments? Or are you just trolling through boards to post it everywhere?

      Also, boobs.

  • Ooooooooh man...

    Yeah, you “retarts”! Grow a brain!

  • Anonymous


  • Avkiwi

    Cool, I look forward to seeing that post.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I second that.

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