Daily morning randomness 8.12.09 (32 photos)

a random funny hilarious tzz 27 Daily morning randomness 8.12.09 (32 photos)

  • Saraan

    WOW….I just read this on a hot forum on tall dating site Tall mingle C-O-M which is a hot dating site for all tall friends and tall singles.

  • Digitsis

    Just what did that snake eat? Looks painful. And what is with these celebs who cannot hold their own umbrella?

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Man, I really want that lady in the black who’s sitting on the yellow chair. She… completes me!

    *next pic*
    Yes, I get it. Money laundering… ha ha ha *sobs* I wonder if the picture was taken just to make a joke.

    *next pic*
    Who didn’t imagine that! As a kid, I was in a lot of road trips. Once the ol’ Gameboy ran out of juice. the only thing left to do was to picture a guy arcrobatically dodging items like boxcars, building, and electric lines. Good times!

  • Equalizer

    (5th picture:) “Go, MOMMY! That’s my Wonderful MOMMY!….”

  • chivetalker

    “I used to image there was a little man running alongside me, dodging obstacles.”

    I used to do the same thing! XD

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  • ROR

    Nice, I like how Chive allows ninety million f-bombs but not one pair of titties

  • james10

    I used to image there was a little man running alongside me, dodging obstacles."

    me too!!!!!!!! fuck!!!! HAHAHAHA

  • SreyaNotfilc

    You mean, you wouldn’t want someone to cater to you after making all of that dough? It’s more of a status thing than anything. Not that they can’t hold their own umbrellas, but they have enough money that why not showcase it in strange exotic ways? I’d love to have someone walk around with an umbrella for a day :p

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe that tall people have their own dating site.
    I’m 3′-4″ and have never had a date.
    Is there a dating site for shorter ppl?

  • ROR

    if you’re a hot chick there’s a dating site in my house for you

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