Tired of work? Just build a hut in your office like this dude (12 Photos)

office hut lead Tired of work? Just build a hut in your office like this dude (12 Photos)

  • Equalizer

    If the BOSS will saw that one he will immediately order you to demolished it!..

  • Beefy

    That’s awesome. I’m gonna do that at my job, just because I want to get fired.

  • Veronarat

    I want to work in that office. Seriously! And obviously it’s been there for a while with all the stuff that’s in it. Epic Win.

  • sourgas

    Why do they have Guitar Hero at the office? Must be a great place to work!

  • jennyV

    ive made a lot of forts in my life, but i must admit this one beats all of them!!

  • Digitsis

    That is pretty cool. Beats the sheet over the ping pong table hands down.

  • omnomnomnom

    he wins at life

  • Doobie

    He just wants to look at porn @ work

  • xclusive02

    Id play in there. Better then sitting at work posting hundreds of posts on here. Ok, well maybe not.

  • dumdum

    … literally… hundreds…sheesh.

    why is there a glory hole in it?

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  • Bill

    Thats gotta be a game software company.

  • Mason

    id hate to be the guy with the desk behind it..

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    In this economy?

  • Bill

    Isn’t that what you already do?

  • Bill

    Uh huh yea sure ok like that is really believable.

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