Who's awesome? You're awesome. (25 photos)

a cool awesome neeto 8 Who's awesome? You're awesome. (25 photos)

  • Saraan

    Good to know!
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  • robin yates

    wow! some top quality posts ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks

  • robin yates

    wow! the girl in the white bikini ! OMG,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sex comes to mind !!!

  • Digitsis

    What kind of fish(?) is that thing the three guys are holding? Real or shopped?

    • Kaars

      Giant Oarfish

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Anything with a hot chick (e.g. girl in ripped tee and panties, the girl in the dirndl, Timone drawing girl) gets a thumbs up for me. Can’t get enough of it!

    You have to admit, it was pretty fun to scroll down and see Jesus as the Ghostbusters try to capture him. The most awesome picture I think is the surfboard guitar. It’s so outrageous that it … makes sense in a rock n’ roll sense. Rock on!

  • Equalizer

    The Girl with the Beer Mug is so F#$%^ing Awesome HOT!…

  • omnomnomnom


  • xclusive02

    pretty good. not gonna complain about any of these, ‘specially the girl in white.

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  • Psara

    I give this three thumbs up.

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  • True enough.

    The fish is an eel catfish. They grow to enormous lengths.

    • Kaars

      Nope, it's called a Giant Oarfish.

  • Motis

    Love the art work of the girl fishing and the Swamp Monster below but couldn't make out the artist name!! Print more of the art work please!!

  • bigfish

    Fun Funny Funnist !! You need to balence it out with some male meat as well !!

  • chivetalker

    It looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing a few shops in my time.

  • Digitsis

    Thanks. I thought perhaps it was shopped. Still a freaky looking fish at any size.

  • AngryBrit

    No, the fish is real.

    Looks like some species of ribbonfish; they are freakishly huge and I’ve seen photos for some even longer than that one before.

    Oh, the girl was rather pleasing to the eye too.

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