The World Dwarf Games in Belfast (22 photos)

a world dwarf games olympics 1 The World Dwarf Games in Belfast (22 photos)

  • Jonathan Passow

    No dwarf golfing?

  • xclusive02

    midgits are the best

  • Equalizer

    NO SLAM DUNK Contest? BORING!…..

  • Mr. Quackers

    I said to people, “there should be a midget Olympics!!” and they said, “no, that’s racist.” Then I said, “since when did midgets become a race?” and there was silence.

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  • Ranger Danger

    Thanks Chive… I’m so going to hell

  • Pondo Sinatra

    Is it wrong that I'm turned on by this?

  • Prakash

    .India Karanataka City Bangalore

  • beserker

    midgets have xray vision

  • the credible hulk

    They keep hoping to set a world record, but they always seem to come up short.

  • Jonathan Passow

    Especially with a nice wine sauce and some peppers!

  • Digitsis

    no wrestling either?

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