Amazing clock tower penthouse. Is it worth $25 Million?! (10 Photos)

clock pent lead Amazing clock tower penthouse. Is it worth $25 Million?! (10 Photos)

The New York Times takes us inside the three-story penthouse of Brooklyn’s ClockTower Building — where the most striking features are the four 14′ clocks housed in gigantic round windows. The asking price, a meager 25 Million effing dollars.

Sources: worldareainfo. apartment therapy via (the great) New York Times

  • ranneys1

    maybe 21 million. 25 million is pushing it a tiny bit

  • Psara

    I’d pay $25us million for it, yeah.

  • Sassy

    Where is it? Oh, and how wierd it must be to read the clock…. ‘Hey boss, sorry I’m late again…. clock was backwards”

  • Equalizer

    I’ll take it for $25M but if that clock runs out of batteries, I ain’t replacing it….

  • Veronarat

    I only wish I had that to just toss out there and say “Hey, yeah I want to live in a clock.” That place was amazing.

  • Miguel

    The views are sick!!! Um yea…would pay about 50 mil to live in that place…

  • xclusive02

    love the layout, the views are crazy, but the heights on this thing scare the shit out of me. I felt ill at the view to the bottom.

  • Ian

    Def worth every cent, as long as the clock doesnt chime

  • Bill

    10mill yes but not 25mil, throw in a few amenities such as a pool and jacuzzi and roof top garden and theater room and a walk in safe then we might be talkin.

  • abilities651

    thats dank

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I just wish I had the option to blow 25 mil on a clock tower 😦

  • chivetalker

    There are a lot of other places out there that are a way better buy if you have 25 mil to spend. You could buy a huge mansion in a tropical paradise instead of an apartment looking over a filthy river that offers very little privacy.

    • Mr.Entropy

      very little privacy? because windows are security risks now?

      you can barely read the clock much less see anything private on the other side from over a dozen stories down.

      and yes u could pay 25 million for the island mansion, but then you’d be a long ways from police protection, and fire protection, and theres always the bad weather. you’d have to pay maintenance and provide your own electricity and water because no government (unless it’s lax or corrupt, or u pay exorbitantly) will pipe that in for just one person.

      and lets assume then you’re talking about hawaii or somewhere inhabited. you’d have to get permits to deforest a site to build the damn thing or pay for expensive real estate.

      so if you had 25 million to spend and only 25 million, you’d want some place that’s not so high maintenance

  • Danny

    Damn. Imagine the pussy you’d get with a place like that.

  • Brandon

    The one catch is you have to hear the bells going off every hour.

  • Mr.Entropy

    buy the whole damn building.

  • doo

    That place is amazing. I’d put a big green leather chair facing one of the clocks so I could sit with my white cat and plot the downfall of mankind while watching the clock-face shadow pan across the floor in front of me.

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