The world’s sexiest nerds (20 photos)

a sexy nerds hot women geeks 31 The worlds sexiest nerds (20 photos)

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    […] that has nerd in-jokes on it or says some genre of “nerd” does not make her a “sexy nerd.” No more than give a well-endowed women a oil filter make her a […]

    • Sudeeb


  • Miko

    Haha, 17 is a friend of mine!

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    […] The world's sexiest nerds (20 photos) : theCHIVE Aug 17, 2009 … photos%2FThe+world% … […]

  • None

    Who is #19 ?

  • najju.DoN

    My favorait gairl in this web

  • addie

    sweet those pics are awesome

  • Zamiel

    Yes. Because clearly when a hot professional models a t-shirt with a nerdy slogan or picture on it, that makes her an actual nerd.


  • Always Last


  • Mike

    sexy girl + "I Love Nerds" t-shirt = sexy nerd???

    More likely: sexy girl + "I Love Nerds" t-shirt = Silicon Valley gold digger.

    Or: sexy girl + "Talk Nerdy to Me" t-shirt = DEF CON booth bunny .

  • john sharma

    i want u

  • Gbear

    I love all these hot as nerdy ladies!!!

  • Ten Men

    daily News paper
    Dainik Sorejomin Barta

  • Mitch

    The mythbusters girl is pretending that's cum next to her

  • Anonymous

    Very ….,,.bad

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