This Mexican drug lord lived like a king (12 Photos)

mexican druglord lead This Mexican drug lord lived like a king (12 Photos)

  • omnomnomnom

    they’re teaching the wrong things in school because dealing drugs are AWESOME. im gonna do it

  • lol

    You know there were a LOT of women there. Too bad there aren’t any pics of them!

    At least the cats look healthy.

    And I gotta get me at least one gold & silver handgun! Those are awesome!

  • Jonathan Passow

    I was a Mexican drug lord once, it’s way overrated.

  • Equalizer

    Look at the size of those cat paws! What do they feed with those cats? Drugs!

  • Anonymous

    puff. puff. give.

  • xclusive02

    the guns man, the guns. Those are fabulous

  • Timmy

    Guys, you are full of …. you know what…. Guns, girls…
    Don’t you know it all comes from other people’s sufferings and broken lives? Don’t you know we are talking about millions of young and not so young folks who don’t have a future, who must die to feed these few m-kers? I’d kill them with my own hands if I could.

  • omnomnomnom

    psshhh people can suffer so long as i can bling bling my guns and set up my own underground panther fighting ring. mike vick doesn’t have shit on me mawfugga

  • jamen

    how are they close minded? because theyre acknowledging an over-looked piece of this problem? yeah, drugs are a problem, but i think all drugs are a problem. the war on drugs is funded by drug companies. go figure. everybodies a fiend for something, be it meth, coke, heroine or adderol, oxycodone or vicodin. but seriously, has a little weed ever killed anyone?(lets put that in a time frame—-ever)you guys should watch Penn and Tellers show called BULLSHIT. good info on everything. besides that, more than half of the drugs that come in to america dont come from mexico anyways….

    those guns are garbage. pretty pretty garbage.

  • nogalito

    my buddys dad from nogales has a gold ak like that. That guy was a low ranking member of the sinaloa cartel. He was a really good dude and a mafioso so not all mobsters are bad people most are really nice

  • Rob

    If they legalized drug use this guy would just be another farmer.

  • Kevrobmc

    The problem with dealings drugs and making millions is they never know when to quit. Quitting while you're ahead is the not the same as quitting! Like in the movie "Blow", he had over $60 mil in the bank but just couldn't stop. Shit son, crime does pay if you know when to cash the check and quietly move on

  • David~

    ._. That's crayyy B-)

  • Easter Cupcake Ideas

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  • Anonymous

    The competition!

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Dude has a point. All of the cool guns and lifestyle are the aftermath of brutality towards the fellow man. These guys are scumbags and shouldn’t be glorifyed no matter how cool it is to have a couple of panthers.

  • chivetalker

    Yeah, dealing drugs is awesome… till the SWAT team bursts through your door and drags you off to a Mexican prison where you’ll be anally raped 5 times a day for the rest of your life.

  • hmmm

    its not like they put a gun to the peoples heads. people CHOSE to do drugs. timmy and sreynanotfilc you two are close minded fools

  • raindeer

    @ hmmm

    Let me ask you somehting, do you liuve in Mexico? do you know whats happening with the druglords war? I guess you dont know about this and you should be saying that people can CHOSE to do drugs, do you know that those bastards kindnap, kill and blackmail? do you know that they dont give a damn if you die because of a missed gunshot? They only want money and power (thts why yous see nice shit up there)…

    Also, FYI, the guys that were “arrested” are now on the streets again, the mexican justice system doesnt work and jails are used as headquarters to organice kidnaps.

  • Doodoo Brown

    Im sure they put guns to plenty of peoples' heads and told them to do all sorts of shit. You, 'hmmm', are a pickle-jar of cocks.

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