Wanna see what happens when a torpedo hits this ship? (10 photos)

a torpedo ship submarine 0 Wanna see what happens when a torpedo hits this ship? (10 photos)

  • IfYouSeeKay


  • Bill

    Stupid is as stupid does equalizer, that's not a pirate ship its part of America's ghost fleet of retired Navy war ships. There are hundreds of these ships all over the coast lines in various harbors that get pulled out of storage and either used for target practice / prototype weapons testing or they are sunk at different locations to make artificial reefs. If anyone remembers the Russian radar ship from the movie Virus that was actually a US Navy missile radar ship that has been decommissioned for around 20 or so years and it was pulled from Norfolk naval yards recently to make an artificial reef in Florida.

    • VanIsleChiver

      …that ship ain't american it's Australian

  • Equalizer

    COOL!!… Another Pirate Ship went down!!!

  • Jonathan Passow

    And it’s still floating!!! HA!

  • bigdaddyjfk2000@yahoo.com


  • SreyaNotfilc

    War… It’s faaaaanntastic!

  • skeeter

    Being a old army man , Watching s##t blow up just warms the heart

  • iknow

    its actually an old australian navy destroyer that was blown up when they tested the mk48ADCAP torpedo.

  • 103

    always nice to see that stuff gets blown away, without casualties. Thats the best part.

  • papa bear

    I think I remember the story behind this and it was a experiment to show what happens to a ship when the torpedo explodes under the ship without hitting it. Turns out to be more damaging if exploded underneath.

  • markkens

    Don’t f**k around, show me the deck camera videos!!!!

  • Buzz Killington

    cool story, bro

  • wrg

    So you are saying it is a pirate ship?

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