• Anonymous

    I love Gwen Stefani as much as the next guy, but man is she strange, or at least her music is. That's not a bad thing though. It's pretty hot that she has an actual personality besides beauty.

    • codvip

      Ummm….at least she isn't Lady GaGa.

  • chivetalker

    Gwen Stefani is one FINE lookin’ woman. She looks only half her age, plus has brains and creativity to boot.

  • Chris

    Gwen is so smokin’! My girlfriend says that she is the only female she would be willing to make out with. I’m up for it. Anyone got her #???

  • Jeff b

    mitigated has only one “e”

  • Equalizer

    She really looks like the younger version of Madonna.

  • D

    One word….classy! OK, maybe one more word…..HOT!

  • Veronarat

    She is beautiful. I think I like her best with either just a side part or where the top was pulled back. She has such talent too. Love her!

  • Anonymous


  • JorgenShpier

    Big issue with her: perfect in every way except NO TITS. Sure, it’s shallow of me but we’re discussing a hot celebrity. So let’s not kid ourselves.

  • jackrabbit

    I miss Gwen back in the early Orange County ska days.

  • robin yates

    I’m not a great fan of blondes but I can understand why this lady is so popular

  • Bill

    Love the music but her fashion sense sucks major ass, she has no style at all what so ever.

  • Truth

    Photoshop + Makeup = you still look old

  • axeholes

    There isn’t a single “bad photo” of Gwen in that group above.
    Goes to show just how gorgeous she is.
    Way outta my league…snif-snif 😦

  • sws4420


  • 高峰上

    哇 good

  • Jon

    She is a beautiful woman. One thing I see wrong with this post, though. Gwen Stefani has a killer body and really nice legs. Most of these photos are head shots. Yes, we see she has a pretty face, but show us the fit body she has as well.

  • Larry Steininger

    I like to make love with Gwen Stefani . Larry Steininger 1630 S Barranca Ave Sp# 103 Glendora Cal 91740 . My brith date is Oct1,1963 1-626-915-8635

  • Larry Steininger

    her eye/s are dangerous and her Legg/s I am a Libra Man My name is maybe 1-626-915-8635 Gwen is One pretty lady

  • Larry Steininger

    Gwen look,s so breath taking what a beauty.( I love her video now that you got it) (and her video 4 in the morning) I am a Libra Man,My name is . My birth date is Oct1,1963 1-626-915-8635

  • fred

    just the HOTTEST nerd EVER

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