50 Rules of Photography for Morons by Ivars Gravlejs (50 photos)

ivars gravlejs photo rules 001 50 Rules of Photography for Morons by Ivars Gravlejs (50 photos)

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  • Equalizer

    These should be place in every camera user’s manual. Thanks for the tips, I’ve learned a lot!…

  • jozef


  • ska

    uahuah hillarious :D:D.

  • doyoulikethisgig

    I will never get back the time that I wasted reading this post.

    • Flicka

      I felt the same way around # 12 and quit.

      "When you're trying to be amusing, try not to sound stupid."

  • MaxSpain

    Equalizer fail! yes, it is better to photograph clouds where there are clouds.

  • sluggo

    When writing something intended to be humorous, make it funny. Wrong-(See Above) Right-check out the rest of thechive.com

  • ranneys1

    these are very funny

  • xclusive02

    thank you for that tutorial. Who needs school?

  • tariqe

    Obviously the sarcastic humor in the simplicity went over people’s heads. Sometimes people just need to hear the simplest things in order to make sense of the most complex activities.. enter dr. phil. This is very insightful.

  • chantelle

    ummmm number 7 is wrong. when your doing portraits, you do not have to have them in the middle. its better to put them off to one side.

  • S Simpson

    The sarcastic humor was noted but certainly not present. Useless drivel that doesn’t deserve any further comments.

  • LiaMMV

    So lame.

  • chivetalker

    2 Rules for Making a Chive Listing:

    1) Do not be so horribly repetitive that you bore the crap out of people

    2) Problematic of the English; it is better to learn how to speak it first

  • Seba

    I appreciate the effort. Some of the wrong pictures are actually nice

  • Profugo

    Bah! this is bullshit !!!
    I think he dont the rule most fucking IMPORTAN…. 3 thirds!

  • robin yates

    now I know all my pics didn’t turn out,,,,,,,,,,,,I aint got a camera

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  • alexandrastoian

    5 and 7 look better in the ‘wrong’ version

  • Nicnac

    50 rules anyone who has the brain capacity to use a camera has the brain capacity to naturally do anyway…

  • https://www.facebook.com/the.tkingsley Amy Patterson

    Obviously not written by a photographer…
    #7 It's more visually pleasing to put your subject along the axis of 1/3 of the frame (horizontally or vertically). It's called the rule of thirds. 😉

  • Philip

    51) Don't have all your friends look like heroin addicts.

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