Hot Right Now: Other people’s embarrassing brain farts will make you feel better about your own (6 Photos)

It's Thursday, you could use some motivation (18 Photos)

drunk lead funny It's Thursday, you could use some motivation (18 Photos)

  • Equalizer

    I love Snake Eyes, stop picking on him….

  • Digitsis

    Pillow Fight post is a good one.

  • jozef

    them fat chicks are hilarious

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  • robin yates

    some of the best motivational pics I have seen,,,,,,thanks

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  • Matt

    I don’t get the John Connor gag, can someone explaine it?

  • Maddie

    John Connor…The Terminator!! DUH!

  • ken

    what is ‘asl’ a TLA for?

    • SAK

      What’s your age, sex, and location?

  • jamen

    i think the whale one should be changed to:

    they always have to
    ruin everyones day

  • ruben

    #6 Zer0

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