Obama, the most shopped guy on the internet (14 Photos)

obama trek lead Obama, the most shopped guy on the internet (14 Photos)

photo credits, freakingnews.com, worth1000.com, via sodahead.com

  • http://www.uberfuzz.com alex

    too funny…B)

  • http://www.deviantart.com SreyaNotfilc

    Nope. It’s him with his daughter Sasha at the Iowa State Fair in 2007.


  • Joe

    How much does this “bailout” or cash for clunkers cost? The military budget is a separate animal in itself. Let’s not also forget Jordo, what kind of a name is Jordo anyways, why Bush did what he did. Thanks to Presidents like Clinton, who also happens to be a liberal, and did nothing about groups like Al Qaeda and people like Obama, I mean Osama bin Laden we as a country were not protected. Please don’t forget about 9/11 or if you choose to forget, please leave this country that you now call home. Jordo, why do you and socialist counterparts consider all republicans rednecks? Who is close minded now? In regards to our “contrey”, which i believe you mean country, what level do you want us to go to? From what I can tell, other countries (plural) strive to be like America and apparently our country is so good people continue to want to come here illegally. Before you continue to bash President Bush, take a step back and think about exactly what your golden boy Barry Obama is trying to do. I for one can not tell and all I see is alot of government waste. If I had to chose where supposed government “waste” is going, I would gladly choose protecting America. In closing, Jordo please leave my country.

  • lucas cary

    dude its the chive. take your goddamn politics and go complain about humor to cnn or foxnews or whatever the fuck you spend our time watching

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