These fembots have some screws loose. (20 photos)

chicks are crazy 12 These fembots have some screws loose. (20 photos)

  • Max

    I don’t see what’s wrong with the picture of the little girl with the cow

  • xclusive02

    The girl with the Cow is the only normal one. In Wisconsin I see shit like that all the time. But the rest of the wack jobs….. WOW!

  • dr

    Does anybody else find the Chewbacca lookin’ chick kinda hot?

    • that-weed-dude


  • chivetalker

    The last one IS crazy!

  • Digitsis

    Rich Girl looks like she was in the sun to long – lobstah

  • Bill

    Girl with the cow is most likely a 4H’r and is a common site in most rural area’s over the last 50+ years.

    The chic in pink with her dog does that shit with other animals.

  • tacsneakyfast

    Grandma is about to give you a new nostril

  • Alex

    I wish I had a cow that I could hug 😦

  • Mark

    Rich Girl needs to lay off the fake tan

    • ladyguitarstar

      look at rich girls underboob and stomach- where she didnt rub in the fake tan teehee

  • obadiaha

    poodle girl needs to come talk to me

  • Idiocracy

    I hate it when one stupid person defends another’s ignorance.

  • Lil John

    Last one: a cig won't ignite gas.

  • Always Last


  • Equalizer

    I agree, it looks touching and heart warming for me. Too bad that cow will be slaughtered the following day.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Ya, she doesn’t look that strange at all. Actually, she’s pretty cute.

  • ken

    The cow is a Holstein…milk cow. It gets several years.

    Mascara on the under-arm hair? I gotta give a thumbs down on that idea.

    The under arm tattoo must of been painful to get….ouch. Scary tattoo on a pretty girl…quite the dichotomy.

    But the chick with the gas can with a lit butt wins the prize! Future Darwin nominee

  • SreyaNotfilc


  • Bang

    Must of? Wtf? You mean must’ve. It’s the conjunction of must and have. I hate when people type the way they speak.

  • One Sick Puppy

    I hate it when people think they are better than other people and point out stipid shit that not a damn person in the world cares about except for them.

  • Charlie

    hell yeah lol

  • Anonymous

    I hate it when one stupid person defends another’s ignorance.

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