Remember when this was a good idea? (20 photos)

a famous celebrity divorce breakups 161 Remember when this was a good idea? (20 photos)

  • Equalizer

    The only one who are happy right now are their Lawyers.

  • dino goposaur

    Celeb FAIL – gee they are just like us. Except when she takes half, you’re only stuck with 10 million, instead of 20.

  • jonny guitar

    this list is worthless without o.j.

  • Clickawut

    What about Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra ?

  • Ken

    I feel for the musicians, Joel and McCartney, especially McCartney. Both got the shaft, but especially McCartney. His ex made out like a bandit.

  • greg

    Marriage is a sacred commitment before God – its also a test of character. When you read the bible, Jesus says that Moses allowed men to divorce their wives only because their hearts were hardened. Marriage can be wonderful but it can be a great challenge which builds great character.
    We are attracted to those who have qualities that we lack – these same qualities drive us crazy.
    All marriages have essentially the same challenges – our job as men is to be the spiritual leaders, giving understanding and making it work. The grass is not greener – the house next door has the same problems and challenges.

    And yes, I agree more could have been added, I agree I feel sorry, but we need to put ourselves in the other person's shoes. Just because you are a musician doesn't mean you are nice and understanding to your spouse you have promised to protect.

  • joe pancake

    never get married.

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  • Craig K.

    Is it so hard to put the names of the people at the bottom of the pictures? Instead of having the eventual "who's that in #" posts.

  • fish

    …agreed with Craig K. Some of these folks have changed over the years so much you can hardly recognize them…i.e., Madonna X 2. And while one of the spouses is, for some of the pix, still well known the other has drifted into oblivion. Still, a fascinating set of photos………

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