Schadenfreude: German, for taking delight in the suffering of others (25 photos)

a owned pwn3d ouch hurt stupid 31 Schadenfreude: German, for taking delight in the suffering of others (25 photos)

  • LOL

    HOLY CRAP that sink hole thing SUCKS!

    LMAO@the first one-that kid on the bottom is going to hurt in places he didn’t even know he had!

    • freaking

      wow that car is like a cartoon. freaking trip. wonder if there is anyone in it.

      shadenfreude may have been used in two and half men but its a term in pyschology. when your best friend is happy that you lost your high paying job its shadenfreude.

  • One Sick Puppy

    haha….that shrink wrap picture reminds me of this time that I worked at a lumber store, and we shrink wrapped this dude to a pole! haha he was there for hours. Hell- he might still be there. idk

  • Equalizer

    (Last Picture): Blame your realty agent, dude!..

  • xclusive02

    random sink holes suck. But that dude with the dick on his back. Totally Owned on that one. AWESOME!

  • GF

    Those birds on that antilope or whatever it is probably eat things like ticks so they’re probably more good than bad for it

  • Digitsis

    Polar bears are AWESOME!

  • SreyaNotfilc

    The first pic is not eve owned. It was a stupid idea in the first place. I thought that the second one was the best until I saw the sinkhole. Not only was it someone’s house but it looked rather expensive (house + land).

  • Anonymous

    ‘Schadendefruede’…That’s from ‘Two and a half men’ right?

  • freaking

    Think that polar bear pic is real? Talk about last vision..

    Ill bet the bear took that to walgreens printed it out and was like “fuk yea owned that bitch – hey! hey! girlie bear! come here. come here check me getting all ninja on this eskimo with a camera”

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