Searching for the most naturally beautiful girl in Russia (11 Photos)

models hot russian Searching for the most naturally beautiful girl in Russia (11 Photos)

Since 1973 Minsk has been hosting the International Beauty Contest Miss Intercontinental. The goal is to find the purist beauty in all the land. It’s less of a pageant and more of an intense audition. Photographer Anton Motolko goes behind the scenes to catch a glimpse into the moments that could change one girl’s life forever. And, let’s face it, this is Russia so there’s some serious shit on the line here, kids.

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  • Equalizer

    They all look skinny… BTW, 4th picture is cute…



  • xclusive02

    Wow. The Ruskies are pretty cute.

  • mulki

    #2 looks like Bridget Moynahan

  • Ruben


  • Jonathan Passow

    If it’s a search for natural beauties, why are most of them wearing make up?

  • faceh

    Well you’d think that if you were looking for the purest NATURAL beauty in russia, they wouldn’t be wearing any makeup, or jewelry… or clothes.

    • Leftover

      I think the ladies wore clothes just to allow photographs to be taken. If there were no cameras allowed, I completely see your point though….

  • Green Eyez

    Minsk is in Belarus, not the Russian Federation. Slavic yes, Russian almost.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I don’t have to see the rest of the pictures. Girl #188 is the most beautiful girl in Russia … ever! My jaw dropped when I saw her.

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  • Anton Motolko

    It’s not Russia, it is BELARUS!

    please, correct the mistake!

  • stephen (uk)

    i need 188 name,phone,address
    she is hotness
    the guy who took the photo does not even no her name
    he said
    I think, that she is model, but maybe no

  • rudeboi

    waaaay to skinny for me.

  • Zak

    The aim of the competition is that some rich guys pick the hottest girls to sleep with them.. Otherwise no sens ..

  • ahhim tuck lkw


  • Richard Posner

    I think this takes the term ‘girl’ just a little too literally. Are there no beautiful women in Russia over the age of twenty?

    (I’m not being contrarian for its own sake, or to troll: Sophia Loren looked a lot better at eighteen than she does now, but looked better than either at thirty years of age. And yes, these are all too skinny, but you won’t find me disagreeing with the contention that ‘BBW’ stands for ‘Beached Beluga Whale’.)

  • ariana

    hi everybody

  • Ty

    Hi Ariana

  • taufk

    All girls look tense. Not only making them appear taut but as a result their beauty is diminished greatly. They should be massaged and told millions of times that this is nothing bu just some judges giving their subjective opinions of who is beautiful and who is not based on their personal ideas of who the consider beautiful.

  • King-Ding-A-Ling

    Russia hasn’t got no beautiful girls… nuff said!!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful must be adored in what ever country or culture


    Nice selection

  • navan

    excellent potos,beautiful girls..

  • Yana O

    King Ding A Ling.. you are so wrong!
    Go there and see for yourself.
    There is a million beautiful russian girls/women for every one decent looking american or european chick.

  • asaad

    hi i wana girl never touched from any man is that imposible?? betwen 15/25 years old my mail phone/009647801075910/009647711968353

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