Searching for the most naturally beautiful girl in Russia (11 Photos)

models hot russian Searching for the most naturally beautiful girl in Russia (11 Photos)

Since 1973 Minsk has been hosting the International Beauty Contest Miss Intercontinental. The goal is to find the purist beauty in all the land. It’s less of a pageant and more of an intense audition. Photographer Anton Motolko goes behind the scenes to catch a glimpse into the moments that could change one girl’s life forever. And, let’s face it, this is Russia so there’s some serious shit on the line here, kids.

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  • andrew ward

    too bad Minsk isn't in Russia

  • mohan

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  • mohan

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  • mohan

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  • Crazy_Jake

    With all the women that showed up all they showed here was 11 photos! Thats it! Come on..

  • Randomocity

    These women are unbelievably beautiful, but "purist beauty in all the land" ruined every last one of the for me.

  • Bill

    I smell a fag and his name is Ruben

  • mox

    Can’t tell a thing about how beautiful they actually are without fucking them first….

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  • Big Bob

    Well said King Ding A Ling….

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    I’m guessing English isn’t your first language, or if it is, you’re still struggling to grasp the basics of it. Stay in school and please….don’t listen to rap to learn to speak well.

  • Big Bob

    While I don’t think #188 is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, calling her an “ugly ass bitch” is simply ridiculous. An “ugly ass bitch” would be someone so ugly, that everyone else would agree with you. Read the comments, you’re the only one that thinks this way!

  • neiloschaos

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