• Adrian

    Check is def. in the mail

  • Lenny

    you might already be a millionaire…

  • Uber mask

    Bravo, Hoosiers, Bravo

  • SpudgeBoy

    That isn’t from Star Wars. That is from Battlestar Galactica.

  • Theresnoiinjesse

    That’s a viper from BSG, ace.

  • Ken

    Oh good, when a friend linked this to me I read the url, looked at the picture, pushed up my glasses by the taped bridge and said in my most nasally voice, “Well that’s not from Star Wars at all. That’s a Viper Mark II from the original series of BSG.”

    I’m glad at least someone beat me to saying as much in the comments 😀

  • Equalizer

    HA-HA!!!…. You made it wrong. Mixed up Starwars with Battle Star Galactica. You forget Star Trek to add up the confusion….

  • boneman

    I stand ashamed of my dereliction of duty to watch tv.
    I kept looking at it and wondered, “where are they going to put R2D2?”
    but, I guess if they put him in this spaceship, it’ll rip a hole in the space time continuum.

    I’ll just go back into the past and find me a dinosaur to eat me.
    (but…to be sure, it’s Berry, not Barry)

    How about I make up for it by telling you how many mice it takes to screw in a light bulb?….
    (well, at least two, but, how you get them into the light bulb, I’ll never know.)

  • Ben

    Yeah, SpudgeBoy is right — it’s a Viper from BSG.

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