• TPS Daily Linkage 08/26/09 - Samantha Ryan

    […] Chick takes guy for one wild ride (video) – [TheChive] […]

  • Digitsis

    hilarity? Looked pretty freaking scary to me. She was going to hurt that guy

  • Equalizer

    Translation Please…

  • Flávia

    Actually that was 2 guys, it happened here in Brazil last saturday
    “Two cars slightly touched each other in the way out of a supermarket in the west side of the city [São Paulo]. One of the drivers got out of the car to write down the license plate of the other car and stop it from leaving before the police arrives. He had to hold in the front side of the car to protect himself. After, he fell down, but didnt get hurt. The aggressor told the police he accelarated because he was threatened. The other one dind’t want to make any declarations”

    It’s a very busy supermarket in São Paulo, and small accidents happen quite frequently[like small scratches], but not like that. A guy living in a building in the other side of the street saw it happening and registrated on video.

  • Internético

    The video was the notice of the week here in Brazil

  • chick?

    that was definitely a man driving that car

  • xclusive02

    hang on dude. she is crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Crisse de folle!

  • Noeschka Rafferty

    Love It! Keep up the good work.

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