Daily Afternoon Randomness 8.26.09

rad dis Daily Afternoon Randomness 8.26.09

  • Equalizer

    Where can I buy that umbrella cover? I’m gonna put it besides my neighbor’s lawn….

  • joe

    i enjoy this site. i really do. from the just barely work safe pics of chics to the hillarious videos that are posted. but one thing i can stand is when one site takes photos from another site, and so blatantly as to not even post some extra ones that weren’t found on the orig. site. all the photos above were posted YESTERDAY on izismile (http://izismile.com/2009/08/26/daily_picdump_112_pics.html) i go there on a daily basis too and it looks like i mind as well not even bother coming here since all you folks do Ctrl+V , Ctrl+V – – and on TOP OF THAT izismile has hundreds of pictures per post as opposed to 20-40 – – theres a whole internet out there guys!@ find some new pics! im looking for a second job if ur lookin for help ……otherwise, keep up the good work!@ hahah!!

  • xclusive02

    these are not funny at all

  • Veronarat

    The license is totally fake, but still makes me laugh. Let’s Go ‘EERS! Believe it or not we are not all blatent drunks with little education. I ❤ The Chive!

  • Jonathan Passow


  • Jonathan Passow

    HAHAHA! Who’s the douche now…you are Chive! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Revenge is mine!!

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