Daily morning randomness 6.26.09 (29 photos)

a random funny 09 01 Daily morning randomness 6.26.09 (29 photos)

  • xclusive02

    that baby pic was pretty cool. never saw stomach art quite like that.

  • Equalizer

    I’m sure that HELLO KITTY guy is not HAPPY. BTW, Happy Birthday Turtle…

  • LOL

    The chick standing next to the pool with the water jet and the bride tucking herself in-WOW.

    The fake taxidermy rugged up woman, YUCK. That is just gross.

  • Alex

    The woman with the troll…I actually have a smaller version of that. My dad went TDY to northern Europe and while there he got one for me…It said in the booklet that they made some that were huge, but didn’t actually believe it until now…

  • Sassy

    The little tab on the computer that said "gestapo" is not just a security word. They use real words from literature or documents that are not easily read. When people type in the word that it appears to be, it confirms the word and is logged into software that businesses or companies or governments or museums use to figure out what the hell a document or a book is saying. When all the words have been confirmed, they can put them together to complete a formally illegible reading or writing.

  • pervyman

    Nice school girl panty shot!! Keep calm and Pedo on Chive!

  • Anonymous

    Damn xclusive02, you need to grow a sack bro….annoying as hell.

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