Yer doin' it wrong again (22 photos)

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a youre doin it wrong 20 Yer doin' it wrong again (22 photos)

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  • xclusive02

    wow. Some peoples kids

  • Jonathan Passow

    Not all of those are doing it wrong…booo!!!

  • Psara

    Oh I see, the engine’s flooded!

  • me

    I think the portrait looks just like the girl who is posing. What’s the problem there?

  • Equalizer

    It would be funny if that’s a cow sperm on that’s girl’s face… hehehe… or is it?

  • omnomnomnom

    nice makeshift french tickler/electric brush

  • Anonymous

    Idk… I just really really hate the 4th picture. Immensely…

  • Bandit a la mode

    some of these or so obviously shopped, like the 'i have a dream' and the dog/helicopter

    • TIM

      Not shopped. Just stupid people.

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