Yer doin' it wrong again (22 photos)

a youre doin it wrong 20 Yer doin' it wrong again (22 photos)

  • xclusive02

    wow. Some peoples kids

  • Jonathan Passow

    Not all of those are doing it wrong…booo!!!

  • Psara

    Oh I see, the engine’s flooded!

  • me

    I think the portrait looks just like the girl who is posing. What’s the problem there?

  • Equalizer

    It would be funny if that’s a cow sperm on that’s girl’s face… hehehe… or is it?

  • omnomnomnom

    nice makeshift french tickler/electric brush

  • Anonymous

    Idk… I just really really hate the 4th picture. Immensely…

  • Bandit a la mode

    some of these or so obviously shopped, like the 'i have a dream' and the dog/helicopter

    • TIM

      Not shopped. Just stupid people.

  • LOL

    Cow’s don’t have sperm. Bulls do. And bull’s don’t have udders like that cow does. Do you need a visual aid Equalizer? 😀 LOL (Teasing you is all!)

    The guy skateboarding on the Dean’s office, oh that is going to hurt when he lands.

    Made me choke when I saw the guy doing the water rescue of the blow up doll. That is not a hand hold! LOL

  • ahha

    Jesus Christ, man. Do you really need to make some meaningless comment about every god damn post?

  • Moi

    Unfortunately he does. I’m guessing we’re all sick of it.

  • megarath2000

    I don’t get the portrait one either. It’s a reasonable likeness. Maybe the angle of the photograph makes her nose look big, but the angle of the portrait doesn’t? dunno. Maybe we’ve finally run out of funny things on the internet.

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