20 of the worst designed websites via Manolith.com

a worst designed websites 8 20 of the worst designed websites via Manolith.com

Check out the second half of this epicly ugly top 20 list at Manolith.com CLICK HERE!

  • Equalizer

    DAMN! my website’s not included in the list. DAMN!…

  • xclusive02

    I just had a siezure looking at these websites.

  • big dog


  • Gagurie


  • chivetalker


  • boo

    i miss geocities. when i was 13 i had one of those “ThIs iS Mai PagE! LooQ At TheSe picZZZ” followed by 1000×1000 size photos of me and my friends.

  • robert ball

    Thanks, but I don’t wanna see the rest of them. Those were bad enough!!! Say, does anyone know what Amy Winehouse’s website looks like? I’d look but I don’t wanna see THAT either!

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