Daily Afternoon Randomness 9.01.09 (20 Photos)

wu tang lead Daily Afternoon Randomness 9.01.09 (20 Photos)

  • Jonathan Passow

    In regards to the fourth pic; Before and After what? Elephantitis?!?!?! My god!

  • Anonymous

    Try plastic surgery…believe it or not, they did that to themselves purposely

  • Anonymous

    Do you remember that chick who wanted to look like a lion or tiger or something, and she had implants in her face to screw it all up? Same case, now comes in Homosexual!

  • bohous

    If the frayed climbing rope is sad. Somebody obviously took some time to ‘shop the rope but somehow forgot to ‘shop the shadow. FAIL!

  • Equalizer

    4th picture: “It’s The Joker Twins!”

  • robin yates

    some really amusing pics today,,,,,thanks

  • http://funtasticus.com CUrraNT

    Kids write the funniest things lol lol lol

  • Digitsis

    there are some good ones in here today. The goat peering over the ledge at the climber and the cat catching a pigeon are my faves. The lady who did the plastic surgery to look feline is Joyce Von Wildenstien or something like that. Those two guys certainly do bare a resemblance. I am sure they think they look amazing.

  • hellooo

    Who are those two guys?
    And why would anyone want to look like that?!!

  • Anonymous

    WU-TANG CLAN ain’t nothin’ to fuck with!!!! Oh, and uh, the girl with the underarm tattoo is hot……

  • xclusive02

    I love the White Wu Tang clan. The tatted up chick is cute, but I wonder how many screws are loose to get a tattoo of that. And who are those two guys with the messed up faces.

  • ken

    Looks to me like medical malpractice on those twins, just like the docs who butchered Michael Jackson. Just because someone asks a doc for some weird alteration doesn’t mean they have to say yes.

    Maybe (hopefully) the arm-pit tattoo is a henna temp thing. Hope so.

    • Noodles Jefferson

      I couldnt agree more Ken, It is most certainly the doctor’s fault if someone wants to become a monstrosity. There is nothing I hate more than people taking responsibility for their own actions.

  • Lori

    The twins are Igor and Grichka Bogdanov — found them on http://famousplastic.com/category/extreme-plastic-surgery/

  • http://alteredidentity.com Sandy Johnson

    The twins look absolutely freakishly insane, great post! Check out this before and after website for some more inspiring pics. http://alteredidentity.com/

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