Tuesday dragging? How 'bout some motivation? (24 photos)

a motivational poster monday tf 3 Tuesday dragging? How 'bout some motivation? (24 photos)

  • LOL

    That decision one is awesome! Blonde Chess & the Walking Eagle are damn cool too.

    The This Girl one! She ROCKS! LOL

  • Equalizer

    2nd picture does not look like a raccoon, it looks like a cat..

  • Digitsis

    The girls with the spider on her face is brave. Whatta kid.

  • xclusive02

    The little kid is pretty freaky. Like the child on the parenting magazine from the “shopped” gallery a couple days ago.

  • robin yates

    some really good pics today,,,,,thank you

  • Caleb

    The Decision isn’t really that easy. The two on the right are equally hot.

  • jamen

    theres a difference between brave and stupidity. seems the latter reigns in society these days. too bad its not a really poisonous spider, like say, maybe a funnel spider from australia. then shed have more balls than me.

    • Pollx

      It's clear that she has more balls than you. Most likely better capitalization and grammar skills as well.

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  • Prince

    It’s a Nike thing. At my alma matter, UW, they make sure they have raaicl diversity and the girls are chosen based on scholastic achievement, community involvement and ability to dance/cheer. Scru that.. pick the hot girls like Oregon does we’ve got our share. I’m tired of looking at the crap I look at each week (and no, I’m not talking about the football team). It’s bad enough they’ve been able to buy a better football team, let’s get better cheerleaders at least.

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