Vietnam’s Paris Hilton: Elly Tran Ha (30 photos)

a vietnamese hot girl elly 4 Vietnams Paris Hilton: Elly Tran Ha (30 photos)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to book a one-way ticket to Vietnam.

  • Nate_karr

    quite possibly the hottest girl on this site…

    • Know MyStuff

      Well, I guess you don't know a damn thing 'bout beatiful girls….I mean really? hottest girl on this site. Not even close. And I can proudly say that She freaking ugly without makeup and photoshop (since I'm from VN and saw her quiet sometime)

      • Eric Walker

        Nate is correct, but I am sure you have a different version of what is beautiful. Maybe you like hairy asses, or chicks with mustaches.

  • Batfart

    She is way hotter than Paris Hilton… yeah lets trade.

    • Know MyStuff

      Nah, I would keep Paris Hilton for a while……I mean if it really come down to this girl and Paris Hiltion….Yeah, I guess Paris way better

  • Anonymous

    Holy! What a body on her!! Or atleast her chest is very nice. I'm not sure about hot though. I still have a thing for Paris. In fact, I love Paris.

    This girl though, she's adorable and cute, which is awesome. I would love to take her out (probably for icecream, she looks pretty young 🙂 ). So ya, I claim her. No one shall have her but me!!

    • Jim Reuss

      paris hilton is fucking disgusting and has herpes. this chick is way hotter.

    • Know MyStuff

      Agree man, her body is…..yeah, awesome….but HOT, I don't think she hotter than Paris…..just saying

  • Smeckler

    Me big American man…

  • EsP

    She has almost the same expression in every shot ??

    • blargh

      people tend to do that when they pose for pictures.

  • Lightning

    Do you think we could make a trade?

    • Anonymous

      she is my wife~! damn u~

  • Bill

    Definitely a 10 over Hilton in looks and personality.

  • Equalizer

    Boobs are fake, Vietnamese girls have smaller boobs but who cares anyway… She’s HOT!!!…

  • D

    Paris who?!………..

  • Jonathan Passow

    Oh look! Boobies!

  • EsP

    Viet Hilton

    • Jade

      She's waaaaaaay better looking and hotter than Paris Hilton, and much more educated and classy!

  • aaron

    awesome post. wait were is xclusives comment. O yea he doesnt look at the posts with hot chicks… wierdddd. So homo.

  • xclusive02


  • Chris

    Ok…when I think of Paris Hilton, I think of a girl stepping out of her car and having no panties. This was not the case, however this chick is gorgeous

  • Anonymous


  • bigdaddy


  • void

    Needs to be slammed around my house until shes spilling cream

  • Anonymous

    hot girl!!!

  • jeffzero

    Two things:
    1. Fake or real… they taste the same.
    2. The Shocker. She’s flashing it in the second to last photo..

    Add them together and you get Awesome. I checked the math 3 times…
    You’re welcome.

  • Fucker

    Really want to fuck her times by times

    • Know MyStuff

      Woaaa there, tiger….take it easy….She's still a virgin, go easy on her. That's all 😀
      And you're welcome…the tip is on me

  • CHIS3


  • elly tran ha

    […] Model Elly Tran Ha Vietnamese hot girl | TheChive  Elly Tran Ha  Vietnamese hot model girl. […]

  • EsP


  • One Sick Puppy

    Paris is a spoiled rotten skank. I’m all for the trade…

  • MALE

    can we trade our paris hilton? PLEASE!!!!

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